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Why I dislike the new update

While I do agree that it might be too early to give feedback, I’m just tossing out some frustrations that are already building up in me.

What I dislike about this update:

1. The mods are far more complex than the boosters.

@HanSoloWannaBe summed it up best in the initial update thread, but to paraphrase it makes the MOD gameplay such a crapshoot because of the different modifications.

I recommend reading Han’s summary in the original thread, since Ludia still hasn’t gotten around to fixing the White-on-White text in quotes. [Release Notes] Jurassic World: The Game | Update 34

I recently discovered that team-oriented MODs stack, and so I did 3 dinos with Rally, which gave them an extreme boost. I don’t know if it was a net total of 30% more atttack or Base Attack + 10% + 10% more of the attack + the first 10%, etc.

Reeeeeaaaaally confusing, despite the push for ease of access through the tutorials and changes made to accommodate it.

2. The swap dinos icons when doing battles.

Why was this changed???

I’ve messed up a lot of battles because of the new dino rotate mechanic.

I play on an iPhone 6, and the buttons to rotate dinos are far smaller than the original icons in the update prior.

My assumption is that the new rotate dino icons were added to aid in the new MODs showing the effect, but it is completely intrusive in non-mod Battles.

The rotate mechanic has been fine for the past 4 years, why the sudden need for a change?

3. The removal of the cutscenes skips for the +7 and +8 attacks.

Once again, why???

I remember back in the first year there was a constant rework of how the cutscenes played out, and it was finally settled on +7 and +8 attacks showing the long cutscenes, but with it came the option to skip it.

Why was this suddenly removed when it was never a problem?

4. The nerf of Cenozoic Vs Land PVP rewards.

Once again… why???

I honestly have no words as to why Ludia would do this.

5. The Nerf of MODs vs Boosters and their acquisition.

I tried trading in 3 common MODs for DB, and I only got 15 for it, and while they were only commons I don’t remember the trade-in values being so low, and for 3 of them.

I’ll try trading in a legendary MOD once my trades are off CD, so stay tuned.

Next comes the fact that you now have to use hundreds of DBux to get Super Rare and Legendary MODs.

This seems like a new implementation of temping players to buy dbux, just so they can buy MODs that are confusing to use in battle.

6. The removal of The exit-game round reset cheese.

Aka, if you messed up your turn you could exit the game, log back in, and it would still be your turn and you’d know what the enemy AI had spent their action points on.

Now I rarely used it, but I can say that I constantly used it during unlock events because of how insane the dino levels are at my level (level 30 indominous is my strongest dino), and the enemy AI dinos would CONSTANTLY capitalize on any single mistake you made.

This was frustrating because you could get dinos that even OHK you, and you’d constantly lose from that 1 mistake.

Once again, this cheese/exploit was harmless and has been in this game for the past 4 years. Why change it?

And for the record, this cheese only existed in PvE, which was balanced, whereas PvP and Tournaments would force you to forfeit the match.

And again, this is a byproduct of how frustrating the AI levels are at the end game.

Overall this update seems to be the update of unnecessary changes. The mods are not an improvement over boosters, and several features have been changed or axed when they have been in the game for a long long time.

This is starting to make my blood boil because these are prior issues that have frustrating me also, but I have managed to tolerate:

  1. The excessive AI dino levels at the end game.
  2. The escessive power creep among the “late game” tourney-hybrid dinos.
  3. The fact that I’ll never own an Indoraptor because it would trash my PvE because of how excessively strong it is, even at level 10.
  4. The egregious push for money milking, like how the VIP and certain weekend events now offer “Golden Rewards” packs when they used to be Legendary parks (I assume it was because the Legendary packs would give 50/25% chances at giving 500 DBux), and the “daily deals” that overcharge.

I despise mobile games because of the freemium setup that tries to milk as much money from the players while having a skeleton of a game, but because I’m a diehard JP/JW fan I was willing to look past the “mobile game stigma” since this game is rather tame, as well as being built in a solid fashion with extensive detail.

But now that unnecessary changes are being made to the game while fundamental problems go unchecked, it feels like my VIP is now a waste. I agree that Ludia needs to pay the bills and staff, which is why I am fine with the VIP benefits and cost, but it seems like Ludia is always trying to raise the bar to see how much they can get away with, and it is slowly poisoning the game, or at least my love for it.

In the 4 years I’ve played this game, this update is the most I’ve ever been upset with. Hopefully things turn around for the best.


I might be in the minority, but i do enjoy the Mods. I like to use the common ones on legendaries to get the Elite wheel, now without food or coin, and potentialy get S-DNA. I even enjoy messing with some of higher level ones, like having my Triceratops mimic the stats of an Indominus (wich is awesome).
I do agree with the rest tough.


And I certainly do understand the fun factor with the mods, but once again the cost of 200-400 dbux for just 1 super rare and legendary mod is not worth it, at least in my eyes.


I do agree that the Super rare and Legendary mods are way too expencive. I usualy just use commons and rares.


Unfortunately, I do agree with you. While I am one of those people who thinks MOD’s add more depth to battles and offer more opportunities to make strategies, I think the cost for getting them is silly. And the fact that they are worth less at trade harbor, and it keeps spamming offers for MOD’s.
Adding to that, I don’t at all like the changes to the rewards for Land vs Cenozoic, it may be good for low leveled or new players, but for someone at max level, it’s basically worthless now. Although aquatic PVP still gives resonable rewards like legendary aquatics, aquatic packs and 500 DB.
So I’m all for them restoring the rewards for PVP, and stop spamming MOD trades so much! Or at least make the trade much more.


I totally agree with you, specially points 2, 4 and 6.
Point 6 is difficult to justify, because they removed some kind of bug, but your statement is absolutely right.
Point 2, those icons are very distracting, I hit the wrong icon more than once (or twice) so far.


" The nerf of Cenozoic Vs Land PVP rewards.

Once again… why???

I honestly have no words as to why Ludia would do this."
Huge nerf to the mode…


Me: *after reading land vs cenozoic prize wheel and MODs price


I just haven’t got a clue whats happening or what I’m doing

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Modded PvP is kind of fun, but not as fun as non-modded PvP. Too much to keep track of, and the screen is too full. I play console games for complexity. I play mobile games for simple fun. MODs are more complicated than I care to deal with on a mobile game.

Still, modded PvP is not worth it. 10 dinobucks a pop, one prize (no second spin), and a cost of potentially hundreds of dinobucks (and at least thousands of coins) for a single battle? It’s just not worth it. Way too expensive.

It might be a new shiny object for a lot of players, but I suspect that shine will wear off fast. Ludia, please cut back the cost and use of the MODs. They’re not that great.


I might be in the minority, do think the Modded pvp is worth it. To get the elite prize, you can use legendary creatures with common mods. Coin is pretty expendable and you’re guarranted to have tons of it anyway, so i don’t see the issue with throwing some to get common mods.
And yes it costs 10 dollars, but there’s no food or coin. Loyalty points are worst thing you can get, wich is still good in my book.
Though i do agree that nerfing the regular pvp was a bad move.


The best thing about it is being able to get rid of some coins. Ive spent the last week with no way of getting rid of coins, I had no trades and my customs were taken up by boosters - it was starting to annoy me that my park was overrun with coin symbols and I couldn’t see what was happening properly.


But what will you do when you have 99mio mods?
Kidding, I do the same, hoping I can trade them some day for something useful.


Interesting to see how players that have been around so much longer that me have echoed my first impressions of this update… and found even more things to dislike about it. ;-( But yeah, I agree point-to-point with everything @OstaposaurusBae has outlined here, and that list didn’t even include the change to placing buildings and decorations (another pointlessly annoying change) let alone the bugs in the PvPs (indicating a poor alpha/beta testing round if nothing else).

Ironically today I unlocked the mission requiring 10 level 31+ pterodactyls so going to be benefitting pretty quickly from the new commons prize wheel (actually already have, got enough of one common ptero to make another level 40). Since I only have one of my common hybrids leveled up to 40 and could certainly use the others, and being a VIP, the LPs from landing on packs alone is going to be as good as what I was typically getting from the old PvPs, I’m going to hurt from this change far less than the advanced players, but I’m baffled by the fact they would do something that only benefits new players like myself. So many of these changes seem to particularly penalize those that have played the game a long time, and not sure why you would want to drive out your most loyal players, even if they aren’t the ones that you generate the most money from.

At least you all though will be able to play with the Mods more than us newbies. Even having progressed up to level 61, I can’t afford to throw all my coins into buying more than a few mods everyday, I haven’t figured out what I generate daily but it’s probably around 20mil and I’d rather put that into other things that will improve my coin production further than spending it on mods that will provide very little in return. As for spending food, dna or DBs on them, that’s a no-brainer. Heck no. I’m not even sure what benefit there even IS to buying SR and legendary mods… if you can still get the Elite wheel with common and rare mods only, what’s the point of even having them?? The far more powerful effect of them also makes the ability to win so much more uncertain based on what your opponent has. Will we be seeing events in the future that require the use of these higher level, expensive mods? I sure hope not but in case we do, I’m saving the free ones I got in the training rounds to use then.


I’ll worry about that when Ive spent 8 million x 99 million. Not got enough fingers for that sum…

Theres lots of Mods coming up on the standard trades so I’m stockpiling - but only the Mods available to buy with coins.

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I had no idea that they changed the building mechanics as well. Really makes you wonder what they were thinking.


I agree, this was not a valuable change to the game. Removing the old PvP was not smart. Including the MOD’s and making the character change one step extra has sort of ruined the game. It used to be fun, but now with the prices for the mods… It is to expensive. Perhaps its time to cancel that VIP subscription and let this game go its own path.


It is a way to keep you longer in the game. Instead of placing 20 buildings or decorations in 10 seconds you now, as in old times, have to place them one by one.


Strange i just place 4 new decorations and was able to place them all one after the other just like before the update, maybe that’s another unintended bug you’ve experienced?

You can sequentially place them if you have already purchased them or have them in inventory. If you have to purchase the item it is one at a time. Where as before the update you could continue to place them and it just charged you as you went.