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Why I don't really like the 30 trophies system

My trophies are going to end with a 9 forever!!! Should’ve played a few more games before the update :sob::sob::sob:


Mine will be at 7. Well… at least it’s the day of my birth date.

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Wow I feel lucky :joy:

But seriously they should round everyone’s score to the nearest 10 or something to even things out.


Imagine being at the top of the leaderboard that 9 is now protects you from being tied with anyone that doesn’t have a 9 at the end until Ludia decides to do some rounding.

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Mine, too. That’s my hockey number. My birth date is 12.

That doesnt make any sense lol, the 9 doesnt make me better than anyone else

No but if two people are in the top spot and player a) score ends with a 9 and player b) ends with a 4

Player b has to win 1 more match then player a to not come in below player A cause if there both at say 7200 player a is gonna be 7209 and b will be 7204.

I honestly don’t see it having an real effect but ocd issues aside having a 9 is better then any other number.

Yeah but the other guy doesnt have to be 7204, could be 7214 instead right? It doesnt matter what happened after, it’s what happened before that affected the number

I was just trying to give you a “it’s not all bad scenario.”

Why I’m saying it’s bad is because I hate seeing number 9 on my trophies lol, just like how we hate getting 249 dna on an unique

Every time I get something like that or anything that needs just 10 more dna for a fuse, I’m always like “Well, next time it’s guaranteed.”

It’s ok, every season reset you’ll go back to 9 or 0 anyway, only about 10 days to go :slight_smile:

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Oh yeah forgot about that! Now all I need Is to get back to higher than 5000 lol

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When the current season ends they will reset the scores and place everybody at an even number I’m sure! I’m not worried about mine ending with a 1

matchmaking still a disaster.

At least we don’t lose 40 for losing to someone who should be in Gyrosphere or Shores.

yeah, but still losing 30 to people much more powerful.


Me for being able to go up too much with a not so powerful team?

I usually lose around 30 or 29 at best, so it’s not a big change for me, it just hurts more losing 40, which is a huge difference. Current system doesn’t reward the ones who win against higher levels, but since you can win 30 or lose 30, it can be treated as pretty much the “you win some, you lose some.”
In an ideal world, people would not have a reason to drop below their arena, but Ludia doesn’t seem to care about giving people a reason to keep climbing. Add some diplodocus and brachi to gyro and shore, and they’ll be climbing there.
Then there’s the boosts in battle incus. These encourage droppers even more. Why wait for strike towers or pay for shop boosts when you can pay to open the incubators that you get from Aviary with ease?

I’m hoping this is a sticky plaster fix to address the 40 losses issue and that a more permanent solution is found in a future update - I think you should get a bonus if you beat someone higher up the leaderboard - say +5. Nothing huge but enough to reward a good result.

This is a price for a finally fair trophy changes. It’s fine that they didn’t round it, the leaderboards would look boring with only equal numbers. Now everyone has their unique number lol