Why I drop 2 stages but still facing higher level of opponents

I m lvl 20 player. battle more than 20 times a day, with my average dino level at 21-24.
I just wonder , m I do somthing wrong about I upgrade my dino? Its becoz no matter how hard I upgrade, my opponents’ dino lvls are higher than me!!! Is it becoz I m lvl 20???
I wonder how ludia determine/calculate what opponents to battle. According to the player lvl or the average of dino lvl?!
I fight to stage 10 (trophy5200) and now I drop 2 stages to trophy 4300. If the opponent lvl is determined by the player lvl, it will b very dangerous. That mean no matter how hard u battle, u r facing the same group of opponent. That explain why I always lose 10 battles in a row.
Hope ludia can do some adjustment in coming upgrade.

It’s a correction.
Average dino level of 21-24 should not be at 5200

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My team average is almost exactly 25 and I’ve been hanging in the 4100-4200 range with no real ups or downs. I’m just not much PvP’ing now. I’m just getting tired of it all. Just to hang where I am, I have to play the same 8 dino’s and it’s just become monotonous. My dino’s are 23 to 27 so I think what ever they changed is pushing you to where your going to be. For you sake, hope you don’t fall below 4000 because you’ll only get 3 of each boost.

I guess nowadays majority of the dinos in battle team need to have tier 5 speed to stand a chance of winning, at least in mid aviary. Of course a certain chomping dino helps as well :wink:

I reached 5200 before the update. Maybe I m lucky. Haha.

Agree. Only speed can win. Make it more 145 to stand a chance to win. 140, no way.

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Level 21 dinos and 5200 trophies…guess u bought lots of boosts. I have some dinos 6 to 8 levels higher than you and have dropped 700 trophies to 4600.

I play a lot to gain the boost. No pay. Boost on thor and draco help me so much. Maybe comes to the bottle neck. I dropped from 4700 to 4300 now. Bad.

I fight 21-25 opponents. I lose a lot in a row. Normally I just fight a Boosted thor who takes out my whole team. It has so much speed and instant charge it always goes first and one shots me. Yay.

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Use boosts. Stop hurting yourself.

OMG, your team is COOL!! Cant believe u still lose. I better zip up.

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I do face different dinos being used once in a while, like gorgosuchus, stdgyi, puru, giga, and I applaude those player’s efforts, as it makes you pause and think for a while how to battle those dinos lol.

Answer is:
Because of 1.7,with lvl 21 dino you should NEVER and i repeat NEVER reach the 5200 trophy,it was a pure mistake when tons of lvl 27 average team where sitting at 4000 and couldn’t climb.
So yeah,the mess will be naturally fix in maybe 15 more days because of the “1.7 matchmaking” but sadly,you will probably drop again to reach the “final” arena where you belong

What?where is your draco man…

To borrow a quote from Amex, “Dracorat, never leave home without it” :joy:

So that means no matter how hard how frequent how skillful u are, you should remain at same lvl?!. Soooo sad.

unless you upgrade your team with lvl or boost,yes
Skills count for a few,its more predict opponent move and your balance team compo.
And this is MUCH better than in 1.7 where whatever was my skill,i could face lvl 30 boosted thor + lvl 30 full team with 7000hp the whole day at 4000 trophy and under because of ONE lvl 29 edmonto when my second creature is just lvl 26 with no boost.

It’s level 20 I refuse to use it.

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Even if I use Boost there will be a point where I reach where I am now and I’ll need more boost. So there’s no point in using them. I’m not going to buy boost.

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