Why I fear a change in Meta

Remember in the early days when raptors were crazy OP sweeping teams? so Ludia added tanks like Stegodeus with Superiority Strike which kill the raptor meta?
Then we were all hating the Stegodeus vs Stegodeus/Trago matches taking forever? So they buffed bleeders and nerfed SS so it didnt cleanse bleeds?
I was away from the game for the bleed meta so if anyone wants to fill me in that would be great

Now we have arrived at the boosted Thor and Rat meta!

So any predictions on what is being added in 1.8 to wreck the boosted Thor and Rat meta and become the new issue?
If I had to guess I would say Distraction and Slow Meta, everyone constantly getting slowed and distracted so immune dinosaurs will be in high demand!

What are your thoughts on how Meta changes? It reminds me of an episode of the Simpsons where Barts pet gliding lizard “ChirpyBoy and Bart Jr” escape and breed and cause a massive lizard infestation, so they suggest adding lizard eating snakes, which Lisa points out is worse than the lizards, and they suggest adding a special type of carnivorous gorilla to eat the snakes, and then to get rid of the gorillas they just wait till Winter for them to freeze to death LOL.

So what do YOU think is coming in 1.8 that will replace the current meta problem with a new one?

Edit: Perhaps we are only in ONE meta all along…the Complaints Meta lol, we complain about this or that so Ludia adds something to take out that problem, but then the fix becomes worse so we complain about THAT, then they add something else and we say its even worse LOL

Welcome to Complain club!


I liked this post because your complaint meta addition is spot on. It’s all the complaint meta on this board.



I think the clip actually explains the Meta quite perfectly.

I do wonder what the Meta might be in 1.8. Thor should still be popular (my own Thor is afraid to play right now). This is kind of why I want to battle an AI. I don’t think my team will do well in the current Meta and it makes me sad that I can’t really experiment or customize my own team. I love my hybrids, but I’d like to give them a break and play with my regular dinosaurs too. There are even some hybrids I miss playing with.

I miss you Stegodeus! :sleepy:


always will be Cry baby meta!😭


Thor and many things will be popular from 1.7 because boost make it harder to transition. Many meh dinos will hang around at the higher levels for a bit or not as they fall. That’s not a great indicator of their value


Im guessing that with all the distraction and slowing counter attack things coming with the new hybrids in 1.8, that it will turn to an immune heavy Meta to negate those slows and distractions!

Thats my guess anyway. Good thing I love Indominus and am maxing it, and Erlidom is also immune so thats great! Tryo might also be a good one (and super hybrid legendary so no risk of unique) and the new Brachiosaurus unique with immunity also!

So yeah, players wanting heaps of distractions and slows, and we go immune heavy to counter it.
Thats my prediction.

Oh and in before “Immunity is OP, they cant be stunned” lol

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maybe alot more tenons?? im hoping to see some of the new creatures.

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Yeah once players start unlocking the brachi unique that will at least be one new face.

Would really like to see new things or even old ones brought back.

I will be using Monostego again, but will be hard to level as ive seen 2 Mono in the time ive been back, but boosts can bridge the gap to some extent.

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i just got my mono to lvl 28 and yeah the mono is so hard to find now. will definitely be putting that in the sanc.

think about tenon in this meta where dodge allows damage… also dilora. this will be interesting. although dilora might be targeted by the tanks though.

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Yep im definitely seeing a fairly big shakeup once it goes live, as players swap around their teams.

Immunity will also help stop the Mono stuns so thats another reason to go immune.

Well not too long till we can see first hand how things play out. The only question is what will the complains threads be about? Immunity or something else? haha!

draco will still be an issue. im guessing cry threads about draco, thor ofc… and magna health.

oh and tryko damage to high lol

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Oh yeah I keep forgetting about that Magna hp nerf, I don’t have it unlocked and actually don’t face it much though to be fair thats coz ive been using my B team in the meantime.

Good call :slight_smile:

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Possible Complaint threads -

  1. Thor needs a buff its stuns don’t work on immunes
  2. Magna is garbage now with hp nerf
  3. Immunity is OP
  4. cant believe you buffed rat!
  5. 1.8 is the worst patch ever, BYE

I would say some of them might happen :wink:

Edit: Oh and 6. New exploit in 1.8 (thread by Stiffeno) hahahaha!



I have bad news about Indom…

We have never limited our complaint threads by number you least of all.


Boosts will decide the meta now. Whatever is boosted the most will rule. There won’t be many changes until we’re able to remove boosts from dinos to use again on others.


Very true haha! Actually lately ive been trying to focus on coming up with ideas for the game and less about complaining about exploits or bugs and this and that, ill get there one day hehe! Baby steps :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and yeah I know cloak and dodge is getting a nerf due to the damage bleeding through, thats ok coz its my favourite fake Dino and love the model, more using it due to likely it.
Plus im not all that competitive so that is a plus in terms of my teams ability to be changed around.

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Honestly im hoping for a boost reset at 1.8 launch, that would help greatly with switching around our teams, but I won’t hold my breath!

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Leave my Trykosaurus alone. I love her! :rofl:

Boosts can’t effect a balanced matchmaking nor should they.