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Why I hate the arenas (part 5)

The team I want to use:

(I’m a Ceratopsian nut.)
Ludia: Stuns are now useless, your damage is decreased, and the four dinosaurs your opponents are using can become invincible.
Me: Well that’s a round-about way of displaying your center-most finger.

Monosteg is a balanced version of rat, both Sino hybrid lines are great (except Thor, but maybe you can find a way to make it work), erlidom got buffed, and rat is… rat. You seem to have a solid team.

I do until I face a level 24 boosted Indoraptor. I have been losing 5 battles in a row before winning two. And the losses aren’t what bothers me. It’s the fact that I’m committing five minute to a total wipe out. Also, Paramoloch can’t be stunned now? What is that garbage?

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Ahhhhh, matchmaking at its finest. TBH, Indo and Paramo aren’t as problematic as you may think, what’s problematic is the matchmaking and of course, boosts.

The bigger issue is your team… you cant just auto include as many ceratopsian hybrids and expect to win.

At the very least you need to be saying goodbye to allosino and running dio/tryko… having your highest level unique on the bench is also not gonna lead you down the road to victory.

If you wanna run an off meta team like some do, be willing to accept your choice to run that team is gonna lower your win rate and trophy count. Otherwise tweak your team to be a balanced team.

If your looking for a more balanced team… stego and allo need to go in favor of tryko and indo… but an argument can be made for dio.

In the long term consider using all sanctuary fips to build towards the most fusing for the most huggable turtle.


It’s ludicrous… my team is lvl 24 Max. This is what I face, forgetting to screenshot a lvl 30 (!!!) boosted Tryko

@Evicton: I know that balance isn’t what I’ve got going on here. My issue is that:

  1. First thing out of an opponent’s gates is a boosted level 24 Indoraptor. I whittle him down with two of my team. Then face a level 26 Thor that’s faster than my Utahsino. Shouldn’t the opponent in question be at least one arena higher than me? Why is matchmaking so wonky?
  2. Isn’t the theory behind boosts to make any team viable? This is only possible if problem 1 is solved.
  3. The ceratopsian nerf was excessive. I get that the damage reduction was to offset the effects of the swap-in stun, but then they removed the viability of stuns on a number of creatures, then made those creatures the current meta - essentially killing stuns.

I mean, I was in the 4900’s for a while with this team. I don’t care about the top 500, so that’s a moot point. I just wish there was better matchmaking and perhaps auto AI after every third loss. Since I’m mostly in it for incubators.

  1. Some are dropping down… to farm incubators more effectively… and Ludia match making is lol. Until you get to library.

  2. Marketing guys theory… not the way Ludia implemented them… tyrants and high apex boosted will be better then low apex boosted…

  3. I agree… the whole rework was dumb… instead of stuns being their defining trait they need a new… like a gorge move… destroys cloak and shields… applies lethal wound… give monostego a rampaging gorge. It gets some of its utility back…

I think that Mono should get some sort of nullification back, the question is how: do they replace the Slowing Impact or Stunning Rampage. Or do they do something like “Slowing Nullification?”

My vote would be on dig in… but i know it has its fans.

Dig-In can be fun if “abused.” I’m not too proud to annoy my opponents to death.