Why I hate this year's March Madness

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Its not done yet


Yeah but I will flag this if the next creature is a new creature.

Isn’t Arctodus a new creature?

Not really, i think it was once rare or somethin

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Yeah but erlikosaurus is a good herb with a good hybrid. I’d like new stuff but I ain’t complaining


For a lot of people, including myself, both erlikosaurus and arctodus are new unlocks. So I’m not complaining about those. I’m going to be more disappointed if metriaphodon is going to be the hybrid tournament. I mean, it’s not that difficult to unlock since it consists of only one tournament creature and a legendary.
(For the record: I don’t have metriaphodon unlocked, so no bias there)


I would prefer mertaipho but I’ve got dimorph maxed

Why are you mad exactly? I get it, you want new creatures. However, i’m sure that you don’t even have all of the existing creatures. If you had every creature unlocked, then I understand your frustration, but that isn’t the case.


I’m afraid that I must say putting high expectations is not a good thing for this game. On top of that, “hate” is a really strong word that I personally avoid to use that in my life either, so I wouldn’t waste it for such a topic and for such a well expected outcome.

Just my 1 cent.

(I’ve spared the rest for my bus ticket sorry.)


Once again ludia underwhelms us, what a shock!

we still have some time so maybe we’ll get something good.

keyword is maybe.


As pointed out on another thread, we got close to 6 new creatures this year, including a new S-Hybrid.

In addition to that, we have the CoT and weekly unlocks for existing creatures that some of us may have missed, plus tournaments.

If none of these appeal, I still have the option of working on the hybrids I still need.
I just renewed my VIP yesterday, so it’s now been 13 months since I have been playing.

I have a long way to go and I am enjoying it, even though I do have a few quibbles with the game.
So March Madness or not, I’m still unlocking new creatures regularly.


Let me point something out here. I do want new creatures for March Madness. But we have no right to tell Ludia what to do when they’ve already set it. Besides, there are some creatures which they could give a tournament for that we haven’t had or haven’t had in a long time… ( Kelenken, Urtinotherium )


I thought march madness was NCAA

Don’t do this, until Ludia officially release. They can ban you by 7 days here. I received a ban because that in the past.


Looks likes Tupuxuara

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No it’s new I saw the English name I can’t remember