Why i hate tournaments

Tournaments with no level rules are filled with high level players, won’t let new players earn rewards and badges from tournaments, each oppoment on my battles on tournaments were high level players, they had their creature levels like 20 (my creature levels are 12-15)! This is unfair for new players, why wont ludia care about the new players?
Would appreciate if ludia added a friendly way to win rewards without theese players who ruin new players 's days (called beginner mode, changes the creature levels to 10 if its above 10, does not allow stat boosts but you get less points than normal tournaments).


thats why Ludia created Skill tourneys, but if your a low level, the best one for you is a common skill which is RARE… ( i got to top 900 in that said tourney)

but skill will work for you … (and all low levels But you’ll see the same creatures overandover…)


Alive skill tournaments are very fun.

Compared to JWTG tournaments.


JWTG tournaments don’t even have REAL people

If it makes you feel any better, it was way worse when every single Championship were just back to back Epic Skill and Advantage tournaments with absolutely no rules or changes of any kind; unless you yourself had a bunch of lvl 30 Epics for the advantage tournaments you were basically powerless against other lvl 30 Epics.

Personally I find these tournaments where we play these advantage events to be a lot better than where everyone is 26th. The higher level teams rise to the top and you end up facing the right level teams for your team. I find it much fairer.


this happens until everybody fits their place.
then is a win-loose-win-loose… forever.

as we see in arena.

you have to play different times. i usually play the first minutes/hours after tournament starts, until i start to loose.

then i play saturday then sunday. for where i live, at night is better, less nitro teams. maybe less people playing, i don’t know.

but is similar to arena, you climb no more than your team is able to.

a level 30 nitro team will always smash a lower one. but this happens until these higher teams climb away from your trophy range.

the skill tournament is more about to… well… skill, if you have the best creatures unlocked to play. in this case i doubt i would beat idgt902 or practicekat lol.

but at least low players have a chance. more than advantage tournaments that require years of dna, boost, money…

my only issue with skill tourney is speed tie, i’m far away from servers and never win.