Why I like Thoradolosaur

In this topic, imma talk about why I like Thor and why she shouldn’t be nerfed. Honestly she probably won’t get nerfed in the future, Since she came out in 1.5 and we’re in what, like 2.16, they probably forgot about her (even though she’s in the pass. THIS IS THE ONE TIME I DON’T WANT LUDIA TO NOTICE ME!) So now I’m going to talk about why Thor is goated and not op, because even Rexy can take her down. (Moveset to kill: Defense shattering revenge, Thor goes for Cleansing Group Destroyer, Then you go for Either Rampage or DR, and if Thor goes for Priority you’re dead, but if he doesn’t, Then go for Priority to kill. Yayy) But anyways I still think Thor is good because he can kill other Uniques in a flash and still have half health left. He can even handle Cunnings even though they have the class bonus on him. And he can just shred through Resileints, because you wanna know why, they either waste a turn Doing instant Invincibility, when Thor has Defense Shattering attack, or They just heal at full health and just waste a frickin turn. That’s why I think Thor is good land doesn’t need to be nerfed, because I STILL CAN’T BEAT A LEVEL 25 FRICKIN INDOMINUS WITH HIM! But it’s ok because I don’t care. Bye bye :wave:

Then why did they buff Thor? If they forgot about it they should’ve left it alone.

Dude, Rexy’s super OP. Of course Rexy can take Thor down. And just because one creature can take down something strong doesn’t mean that thing is balanced.

You literally just mentioned the exact problem with Thor. It should NOT be defeating Cunnings. Fierce should be losing to Cunnings not beating them. It’s the same issue with Mortem a couple updates ago when it had Cleansing Impact.

No, Thor does need a nerf. Again, it’s beating creatures it shouldn’t beat.


Hmm should I play 5 matches of pvp and give you 5 screenshots as to why Thor should be nerfed? Thor is not ok. Dealing 5k to my rinex t1 (my rinex only has 4300 hp) is not ok…


Sorry I was wrong for once guys I think I got confused with Mortem or something else

I might as well draw more instead of this, I’m not good at proving my points, so if you need me I’ll be at JWA artwork conversation

Because it was a Mid-Elite


You just proved that he needs to be nerfed


Cause they wanted people to have a reason to pay money to get through the pass faster. That’s the main reason I guarantee it


They nerfed Mortem because it had a way (not as good as Thor though) to deal with cunning! And a few updates later, they do the same mistake with Thor… Only reason it may not be nerfed in the near future, is because most of the player base has Thor VS having Mortem. So nobody will complaint. (Well, for those who didn’t had it yet, Ludia provided a way: the pass) They will likely wait for those to boost them. Then nerf it to while still not offering boost reset or tokens… The usual pattern. So see ya in about 4 updates from now :wink:

This btw. Also as from another cunning user. I hate having my magna or spyx almost be 1 shot by ugly boosted thors just to be instant charged right after.


Good reasons :slightly_smiling_face:

Isn’t indom a counter to thor or any Fierce that doesn’t have Precise?


Well the indom is like 6 levels above my Thor and 10 levels above my Rexy, soooo yeah…

That is impossible

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Since if the indom is lvl 25 and your thor is 6 lvls lower that means your thor is lvl 19 which is impossible

Then that means your rexy is lvl 15

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No The indom is lvl 26 I meant to say 5 levels above

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I’ll get this out of the way in case some people wanted to argue with the fact that Thor isn’t good on an even playing field (gyro/shores and skill tournaments).

What if? Lol. Thor is arguably one of the easiest uniques to create & level, which is therefore causing extremely overlevelled Thors appearing in arenas which they really shouldn’t be. Here’s the problem with that: Originally, it wouldn’t be too big of a deal, since you had stuff like the basic cunnings (Edom, Magna, Scorp, Spyx, Rinex, etc). I really hope you can see where this is going, and how everything there except Edom and occasionally Scorp lose hard to Thor now due to the cleansing it recieved on the impact.

The cleanse is unnecessary and overall the buff just feels like a marketing strategy, especially when you consider the pass coming out at the same time.


I do indeed love having a creature that kills what it is meant to counter.
Thor shouldn’t kill cunning creatures, if the game was balanced more thor wouldn’t even be good.
Lower level players get handed it on a silver platter as the pass wasn’t level scaled, making it even worse.

“Kills what is meant to counter it” I think is what you meant to say - but totally agree. What again is the point of a class system if Ludia is going to completely ignore it (again) in the name of profit?