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Why I’m stockpiling andrewsarchus dna

Recently I noticed in the 2.9 data mine a new unique andrewtops. This could potentially mean an andrew hybrid with the other new hybrid megalotops (megalonyx + unknown -tops resilient). These ingredients just in general sound amazing for a unique wild card, so I’m hyped


Yes it is shocking :loud_sound: :arrow_right: :scream: :arrow_right: :exploding_head: :arrow_right: :grin:

How did u know the “-tops” was resillience? And how can you "datamine "?

Yep. Started farming rinchenia and stegoceras in sanctuary because of datamine. But i rather say it’s one of andrews hybrids but in either chase yes we should farm Andrewsarcus dna

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Mainly because things ending with tops in the game are mainly resilient with the exception of dracoceratops and arctops. (If Andrewtops is Andrew hybrid + megalotops, it rules out legendary components as megalotops is rumored to be an epic).
I don’t know exactly how data mines are done but there’s many articles about what’s found in them online. There’s a lot on the website gamepress.