Why I said that VIP is not worth it

Beaver made a video called do not get VIP so watch that to know why.

With all due respect- that video was uploaded in 2016- VIP membership costed more and got you way less benefits than it does now. There were only 9(based on the video) VIP creatures then, and even Solid Gold Packs cost 15,000 LP compared to the 10,000 now.

I get why you would not want to be a VIP now, but the video is too outdated for you/us to consider whether or not to get/retain VIP status.

In fact, TheGamingBeaver made a video in 2020 saying that he did re-subscribe as a VIP member after all.


Please refer to recent sources and not outdated ones. As entertaining as Beaver is, he’s not the only JWtG player. As @Mosasaurus rightfully pointed out, the new benefits make the subscription genuinely worth it for grinding players if they’re willing to pay for some extra benefits. Even semi-casual players would find those helpful.

On that note, I’m not sure why the title says why you think it’s not worth it whereas the content of the post redirect to Beaver’s old video.


Still it’s not worth for me.


That is an opinion statement. The title and content make it seem like you’re trying to say VIP is not worth it just because Beaver said so 6 years back. Would have been better to clarify what you were trying to convey.


I think beaver said recently that it is worth it i’m not sure tho. And like @Jurassic_Fury and @Mosasaurus said that was 5-6 years ago and it was worse back then.


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can we all agree that anyones (or nearly everyone) who plays jwtg and Jwa knows A guy name James Beavers…

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How and why should that be related to VIP being worth it or not given he has/had his opinions on it depending on situation? Popularity he does have for sure, but that doesn’t mean every player must follow his words like gospel.


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Actual reasons on why it’s not worth

  1. Ripoff Packs for collectors items
  2. Expensive

Is it worth it?.. Inoquivically yes. But i unsubscribed bc i no longer have in-game support privileges. Apparently back in April of last year i reeeeeeally crossed the line with them. That’s why i canceled.


In my opinion, the VIP service in this game is a lot better than in any other game i played before. 100 euros a year is a little more than a triple A title for ps5, switch or xbox. But those almost never provide fun for a full year. So i have no problem with the price.

The extra buildings i like lot, although i am only at the second month of the subscription. Can’t wait for the next buildings. LP times 2 and the extra daily VIP event are great for getting those super nice 10k solid games packs. Those secure me all the PVE Events and help a lot in tournaments. Even at only Lvl10 in the lower dominator league.

As in many games you don’t need to use the service. But it’s great to get on faster in the midgame.


If I might interject…

These are opinions.

If you mean the 35K/50K packs, then here’s the thing: no need to buy them if you don’t find them worth. The exclusive creatures have no more ferocity than regular 10K creatures.

There are collectors playing this game. Hello @Tommi. :grin:

That is a very relative approach. And one that definitely is not enough to define whether it is worth or not. As I said those willing to support the game and are in for the casual or hardcore grinding will find good use of it.

Plus, please remember that there is more to the VIP subscription than just packs. The monthly benefits are a huge plus for grinders. Instant fusions being a notable benefit. The DNA, S-DNA buildings also add to resource quantity. Yes, they stop new benefits after 18 months but the existing ones still give a lot of progress boosts. That along with doubled loyalty points (noting that VIP creatures being very efficient tournament material given their ferocities and cooldowns), the extra event every day…

Ludia like any other game company would want to make profit, and from a sole JWtG point of view; the VIP subscription is probably the closest and best thing to getting both player progress as well as Ludia gaining something from it.

We understand that you do not want to get VIP and you’ve made your point why. But these are neither “actual” reasons, nor applicable to general playerbase.


Definitely worth it for me!!

  • Double LPs (I can get VIP creatures which help me get into dominators)
    I dont see any disadvantage from VIP creatures, except that you can not purchase them as much as you like. Their stat is quit good.
  • Legendary creatures every couple days
  • No hatchling time.
  • No fusion failure(save me a lot of time)

IMO, I think VIp service in this game is better than any game I played before.


There is DNA building (1200/12hr) which give 438000-876000 DNA per year!!
S-DNA, too.


em… i was just sayin, not askin all to follow??

Your post was placed in a topic highlighting VIP subscription in context of Beaver. Hence I replied in said context.


worth it or not is very circumstantial in this game. As a new player it is totally worth it for several reasons not even going to go into depth on it.

After that it boils down to if you will take advantage of all the VIP perks and how much you care about getting the VIP exclusive creatures and how far you plan on taking your game.

You can certainly get by and make progress as non VIP but it will be much slower than VIP. With that being said if you want to make serious end game progress on this game and not take decades and you follow the old saying “time is money” then VIP is going to pay dividends in the long run.