Why I said that VIP is not worth it

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Since you are basing your opinion primarily on Gaming Beaver’s opinion, I decided to do a dive through his YouTube and see just what his opinion has been.

June 30, 201: VIP Introduced and Beaver joins

September 12, 2016: Against

October 16, 2016: In favor, and resubscribes after VIP Program is improved

August 14, 2019: Against, cancels subscription after a reduction in VIP Benfits

March 10, 2020: Joins Fidelity Membership

April 30, 2020: Resubscribes after new VIP Rewards program is introduced

So, for most of the program’s life he has been a VIP Member, therefore he has considered it to be worth it for most of that time as well. His main reasons against (both times), while certainly worthwhile at the time, no longer apply.

For my own opinion, if you are a daily player and plan on being a daily player for over a year, VIP is very definitely worth it.

There are two ways to legally advance in this game: time and money. A VIP membership by far the best use of money to cut down on the time investment for advancement. If you are a more casual player or do not anticipate being in this game for an extended period, it may not be worth it for you.


Yeah back when it released it was awful

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The Instant Hatchery (while flawed) amd the Instant Creation Chamber are probably my favorite benefits


Yes, think so.
I played this game about 7 years ago, stopped due to education in college.
Now I play again for 7 months (VIP for 5 months), at that time I didnt had any legendary. Now I can reach dominator every time, I can do indoraptor but For balance, i dont.

However, my membership period is not enough to have 4 instant hatchling, and 8 instant fusion, but I still love it the most. I have only 1 of each instant but still be happy when it s ready. I have about 30 tournament creatures that are waiting to hatch.