Why I suck at Jurassic World: The Game

  1. I never got Rajastega and Shunosaurus
  2. I never won a tournament
  3. No S Hybriid
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You dont suck, you just need some time to play. I never had an s hybrid. In fact, ive never had a hybrid, so i suck more

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You’re just new. It takes a year of solid grinding at least.

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Relax. Every good thing takes time. Just grind more, play more, and soon you’ll se the effort. I only starting finishing in regular tournaments at level 80 or 90 something ?

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Take me

Started 2 months ago
Never won a Tourney, just a bracketed one
Terribbly Mismatched Lineup


Has 3 hybrids
Won Rajastega

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Are you a VIP member? If you are enjoying the game and playing it frequently enough, I suggest you become one.

There used to be an offer wherein, if you took the 1 year membership, you’d get 4 Velociraptors and a T-Rex.

It helps mainly because you start getting double the LPs as a VIP and you will soon be able to purchase the 10K VIP Pack, which will give you nice VIP Dinosaurs.

The other advantage of additional LPs is that you can start purchasing the prize drop tickets, which will give you the chance of getting good dinosaurs.

Here is a thread analysing the prize drops:


VIP is not worth it.

how and why

You don’t suck at the game, buddy. As others said, you just need to keep playing. JWTG is a game about patience and grind.

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I think VIP is worth it, but at the same time, I agree with @Procoptodon. It is overpriced (at least for some).

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But someone once said that the VIP free trial is good

Yes, it is good, but the subscription prices are ridiculously high. $90+ per year? :no_mouth:

Yeesh, well is Free VIP trial worth it though

Of course! I mean VIP has a lot of awesome things and features. You get exclusive creatures, buildings, double amount of LPs, a new gift every month (if I’m not mistaken), instant hatchery and also, free copies of Velociraptor and a copy of T-Rex if you have subscribed for the first time.

So should and when can a f2p player like myself try the Free Trial

If you’re asking what is your park level requirement to access the VIP Trial, I assume it’s after you do the tutorial (more exactly after you win the second Battle Stage, don’t remember exactly).

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So should i try Free Trial now or later

It can be anytime you want, but if you’re new to the game, I’d recommend to try it now for a little boost. :rocket:

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It’s not up to me to suggest anyone how to spend his money, but from my perspective VIP is “mandatory” option as it gives enormous boost (even in a later game stage).
And in addition to “perspective” part: you can say: " $90 per year is ridiculously high" - but you can also say: “it’s only 25 cents per day”… :man_shrugging:


Ok thanks for the suggest, next time the Free VIP comes up im hitting that button