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Why I think Bringing 5 dart trys on legendarys and Uniques are a bad idea

I know alot of people are mad at only 1 try on legendarys and Uniques on darting buts its not bad ludia is just making the game balanced if it was 5 tryies people in the Lower battles Will even have uniques already which just makes its unbalanced and not only for the lower arenas but for the tippy top to there will be More idorator2s at level30 or lvl130 phor and lvl30 ardentis Would you like to fight that of course no So can some players please understands ludia nerfing darting to the top two tiers in the game it will just make the game To much unbalanced for both highier ups and lower players this is also the reason why they wanted to refund boosts ludia Just wants the game to be balanced one day idorator2 will get nerf so as yoshi

I think there could be some sort of fix that disallow uniques in lower arenas. Regardless, its right to have one attempt. Uniques are meant to be fused, and don’t even need that much DNA.