Why I want JWTG easier to progress

Can you pls make Jurassic World: The Game easier to progress because you know many players are struggling including me as I can’t beat the Rarity Rumble Event, I would mostly suggest making the battle stages in order of the ferocity of the creatures (V.I.P Creatures) will be included as well and I would also want V.I.P removed as we are not spending any money like TheGamingBeaver as he is the best player because he spent thousands of dollars which is why many are hacking the game.

Sorry, but I think I gotta disagree. Jwtg is a game of patience, and anyways the devs have to make money off the game, so VIP is good.

If you can’t beat a level, feel free to post it in off-topic thread, we’d be happy to help.

  1. JWTG is a game of patience and slow progress and this is the reason why many of us play this game.
  2. I do not think that TheGamingBeaver spends thousands of dollars for it.
  3. TheGamingBeaver is by far not the best player in terms of JWTG. His strategy is full of flaws and I personally stopped viewing his videos a long while ago. He is a good entertainer, nothing more.
  4. We all know that there are much better players here in this forum. For example this guy whose name begins with a “S” and ends on “ionsith”.

Thank you.

Of course it’s pretty hard to beat the sith lord.


All the very essence of this game is patience and patience only. And the achievements that follow.

I won’t ever understand the motive behind cheating in such a type of a game as we have here. You can achieve every single task in a single day by messing with the codes but then what? I mean for real, what comes next? It is like buying a sticker book with all the possible stickers are already in it, collected and glued. That’s why, expecting an easier game does mean wishing for a fast forwarded timeline that the collecting part goes missing. Where would be the taste in that?

In contrary, the game is so very easy to handle after a certain point, even for a non-VIP. That you can even play blind-folded. Or not even by using your fingers.

Only by your nose for example. I do that. I do that every single day. :nose:t2:


The Jedi and his dark side father say otherwise. ( Return of the Jedi anyone?)

I said it before and I’ll say it again: The mobile market is over saturated with games. The most reliable financial setup is Free 2 Play* games, where there is no entry cost but rather in-game costs that expedite progress. Thus you either have the time, or the money to play.

This game has a fantastic pace both with VIP, and without. VIP gives benefits to those willing to shell out cash to support the game without the rip-off that card packs are, and without the progression is limited to how much (or little) you want to grind in a day… (grind in a week?)

And with F2P games, there will always be whales (a term for a person who dumps thousands of dollars into a game) and IIRC TheGamingBeaver may or may not have been one. IIRC he used to spend a lot in the first few years of the game, but now his economy and game are at a self-sufficient pace. As @Andy_wan_kenobi said, he is FAR from the best. A really good entertainer, but he is not a good player, far from it. Other players within this forum (nudging @Sionsith @Jurassic_Fury @Andy_wan_kenobi and so many others :hugs:) are far better players because of the resources and help they have offered to the community, with the need for views or getting paid for what they do. That’s a big reason why I have stuck around, because of the community resources. They feed other players, which in turn help the survival of this game. BeaverBoy just produces content to watch.

Nothing in life is ever instant, unless you have the amounts of cold hard cash to obtain it. This is a much bigger game, called life. Work for what you want, or the money needed to buy it. This game does not need to become easier.

*the market is shifting to games that pay you to play, simply because of the extreme over-saturation of the market, the shady developers don’t make ad revanue if no one is playing their game, so recent mobile games now offer payouts of real-world cash which comes out of the devs pocket which IMO show’s how pathetic mobile gaming has become. /rant over


JWtG requires, as others have already stated, a lot of patience. How much easier would you want an already easy game to be? No, I really don’t agree with making the game easier. VIP doesn’t give the players an unfair advantage over the free to plays, in fact just rewards them with a bit of extra help to progress. But players like @Cave_Johnson, @Cheeseeater and @DinosaursRCool who are non VIP have shown outstanding progress in the game as well. All right, everything else about VIP aside let’s look at the exclusive 50K creatures… Same ferocity as the regular 20K VIPs which anyone can get. Unfair advantage? Nope. Rewarding those who would wish to support the game with a progress boost? More like it. And while we’re there, those that use unfair means to “progress” are condemned throughout the forum, and it’s nothing but a lazy shortcut to what dedicated grinders can achieve in time. I know, I’ve been there, it’s easy to say that JWtG is good only for those who pay a lot. But once you play it for a while you realise it really isn’t. Also like @Tommi stated don’t take GamingBeaver as the only successful player of JWtG. Entertaining as his videos might be, there isn’t one solid way to play this game instead to each their own about how they’ll use strategies and build their experience.


I agree. It took me over a year, even with VIP, to get my first tournament hybrid. Unlike many, I didn’t have any time advantage for JWTG.

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