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Why I'm done


The first 5 battles of the day and my Evasive/Cloak and Dodge worked zero times while opponents were 100%. Also zero crits from me and almost 100% for opponents every strike. No amount of RNG explanation can account for this. This game SUCKS!

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Have a good one.
Tell Kelly I said Hi.


That was me yesterday.
Opponent had the same creatures I did.
Skill should be greater than RNG

This game at some levels is 95% RNG. Boring as ____.

Canceled VIP.
Curtailed my play time significantly.
This game is circling the drain, I sincerely hope they can salvage this mess they created.


I agree RNG sucks but it’s always been like this… So basically what you’re saying is “It sucks because I lost”


I appreciate the frustration, but it is completely explainable by RNG. There are strings and patterns that we recognize in an Random Environment. Our brains are keyed to do so.

As far as arena goes, sometimes your the windshield, sometimes you’re the bug…

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Not at all.

It sucks when you face an equal strength opponent and you decimate them because you are on the plus RNG streak, and they are on the minus RNG streak.

I just had that happen, it was neither rewarding or enjoyable for me or, I’m sure, my decimated opponent.

Your argument that I’m just a sore loser is false.

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…and therein lies the issue, this game would be better served and more enjoyable if it weren’t so RNG dependent.




It does seem that RNGesus has forsaken us in this game.

I personally have matches where I dodge every time, matches where I can’t dodge a single time and matches where its pretty even. Overall it is just based on chance.

It’s still more fair compared to some swap in moves.


i have no problem with RNG i lost many trophies from 4000 to 3700


I wonder if all the opponents you faced who hit through cloak and evaded are buying incs in thanks for an obviously favorable dodge rate.



Nah, not buying incs, they must have super vip. Only logical explanation. :man_shrugging:

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