Why I'm stuck at >1900 <2100 trophies forever?

Hi! I was playing the game about more than 1 month. The first 500 trophies were easy. After that I was evolving and did buy some money to get incubators (about 5x). I noticed when I got them, my dinos evolved quickly (obviously) and I won many battles. So I stopped buying anything and noticed the following:

  • when I get 2000 trophies, I go to Arena 5 and in there I NEVER won more than 3 battles (and never get 2100 trophies), because the game put me against opponents much stronger (i.e. my level 11 vs its level 15 creatures) and o lost until get back to Arena 4. So, the battles get easier again. I don’t lost more than 3 times in Arena 4 so never get to 1900 trophies. And the thing go this way: win, win, win, get to Arena 5 an loose, loose, loose, get to Arena 4 and win, win, win…

About 200 battles over the last 2 weeks and it’s stuck with this scenario.

I tried so many combinations of creatures, evolved many of them… but the main problem I see is the creature level of the choosen opponent: no matter how much I evolve mine, when the game put me to loose (when in Arena 5 going near 2100 trophies), the opponent has always an over powered team (higher levels).

I’m I doing something wrong, it’s a bug, it’s the I.A. with power bots forcing me to buy more incubators or what?

Thanks for advice.

Are you able to post a SS of your team and roster so people can have a look at what you have at your disposal?:grin:


Have noticed this at around 4000 trophies I think your onto something! 3 or so battle fighting lower ranked but similar trophies followed by 3 battles fighting guys in the next arena with like 300 trophies more than me or power bots that don’t mind glitching the battle to win! I’m getting to the realisation that even if I power my team to 30 the same herding will be going on. Anybody at the top got any thoughts about this are we all being herded or just ppl not in highest tier arena??

I experienced the same thing when I got around those number of trophies, and once I changed my dinos and brought in ones with better abilities such as stun and counter-attack i started moving up again. Of course it took me time to unlock certain dinos to add to the team but that’s what helped me progress.

Now i’m bouncing between 2,600 and 2,900 until I improve my dinos further.

Show us what team you have and what other dinos you have so people might be able to suggest what you should use, or if you are doing something wrong like putting too much dna into a dino etc.

I have the same problem when I hit the 2500 mark. I don’t have the money to throw at the game, so I’m jus kind of stuck with what I find. It really does suck though. :confused:

Be patient and grind like heck! Arenas have been shifting for the past few months, so ranking up is getting more difficult. It’s not about spending money but more about making the most of what the game has to offer. Strike events? Do them all. Special event dinos? Catch as many as you can. I’ve been stuck on the 3500 for months now and I couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t moving forward. I’m starting to understand that while I was indeed moving forward, the entire arena was moving backwards, so even tho now I have a stronger team than three months ago, the level requirements for my current arena have increased too. I’m hoping things will settle a bit with the two new arenas, but currently it’s a mess. Endure and keep spamming those darts no matter what!

i got 2500 finally. hundreds of battles and hundred of dnas.
but see: when i evolve my creatures, the battle algorithm keep putting me with even higher level creature opponents. i was starting to think i’m gonna see creatures level 20 in arena 5. :scream:

so, i think that is wrong, it’s not just about trophies. the algorithm calculates more data, like creature levels.

why i choose 8 creatures and the game chooses 4 from them? the same thing is happening in other side. so if the algorithm wants me to loose, there is many ways: make a overpowered bot, select an overpowered opponent, or just arranging better the 4 creatures team. and a little easier thing: critical damage or paralyze control. some times critical damage or paralize makes the big difference in battle, who believes in that % probability?

it’s a fact: if i win 2 or 3 battles, i can be sure will start to hard loose next (i can see level creatures at this point, it’s almost impossible to win), and next, and next, till i loose all trophies back.

What I do when I seem to hit a trophy wall is once I notice I’m struggling and losing more than winning (or getting bumped out of an arena as soon as I get into it like you are), I stop battling completely. For weeks. Until I’ve changed my team around enough and levelled all dinos on it a couple times. Then when I go back to battling I always notice i breeze through a few hundred or so trophies.

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I continued to battle (collecting dna and coins), kept up my teams by grinding whenever possible (I understand we all have schedules) and persevered through the pain.
Also, a really fun time is to battle your friends in friendly matches to help understand how to use each Dino effectively. I had a lot of fun mixing my teams up with Dino’s most people don’t use to exploit counter opportunities in the standard eight.


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It doesn’t matter what your trophy count is you are going to win the same amount as you lose unless you are leveling your Dino’s up faster than everyone else playing you will generally stay at the same level. It’s going to be difficult to catch players who started long before you. Money makes the whole ting much easier though so there’s that.

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The way the game works is you will win matches, then you will reach a point where you lose more than you win! At this point you have basically hit the limit of your current team/skills. You then slowly level up your team and you will start winning more, but will eventually stop progressing again.

This isn’t a bad thing, it just means thats the “range” that your team should be at! As you level your team you will be able to up your rating by 100+ trophies before needing to improve your team again!

If you get to a high rating and aren’t winning anymore, it simply means you aren’t ready for that rating!
Take me for example! I can break 4000 if I try, but my team belongs in the 3500-3900 range!
Once I unlock Indoraptor I will move up to Jurassic Ruins (4000+).

Eventually ill stop progressing again, and will need to improve my team some more!

Would you really wanna fluke your way to a rating high above your means? only to be facing teams with 2-5 uniques?

TLDR: When you stop progressing trophy wise, thats your current teams limit! Don’t aim for anything higher until your dinosaurs go up a little!


But if I stop the battles, how i could increase creatures levels, without incubators?
Hunting in map and collecting supplies? Veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery slow. Well, i should accept the win-loose-win-loose and keep fighting forever to collect incubators.

My point is: why I fight with velociraptor level 15 against velociraptor level 18, and estegosaurus level 16 against estegosaurus level 19, with opponent with same trophy number? Is just trophy number a good way to match competitors?

And other VERY curious point: why I set up a team with 8 dinos and game chooses 4? why i can’t select from 8 or choose my own 4 for each battle? What is algorithm criteria to choose the 4 battle team for each opponent?

The fastest way to level your dinos up is by hunting.
Especially vraptor(night spawn) and stego.
I also recommend allosaurus/tarbo(whichever is easiest) and tany.
Reliance on incubators is not a good or fast way to level dinos because the dna you can receive is completely random and the chance of getting good dna is very low!

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Thanks you all for tips.

By the way… My won goal in game is not trophy number or ranking. Is unlock creatures to use RA, muahuahuahua!

But to unlock creatures it seems I MUST unlock arenas, isn’t it? REX only comes more ofen in arena 7 i see, and I need rex to unlock inominus (my dream).

If you go out hunting a lot you will find that Trex is the most commonly found epic in the game!

I tried those tips. Let me say about impressions these last days…

It seems at least for me, incubators are not so random… i.e. almost every incubator i open give me irritator gen 2 dna. maybe because i have itself plus diplotator and suchotator, the game algorithm may consider i need many irritator 2 dna. i receive some good dna i never see in map, like stygimoloch. it seems incubators try to balance my creature collection, giving me more dna for creatures with low level, and more dna to creatures used in more hybrids.

BUT… i notice some of this in map system too… of course i can choose what to hunt, but the criteria to game choose what creature will apper looks the same to incubators, and more: if i refuse to hunt one specific creature like dracorex gen 2 for example, game keeps offering all day, and next day… like an infestation of dracorex. the theory to hybrids apply here too… i have diplotator and anquilocodonte (sorry i don’t know english name), so i see many diplocaulus and anquilosaurus all day in map.

i am about 2600-2800 trophies now… and keep facing some crazy battles, like have to defeat velociraptor level 18 and INDOMINUS REX. it’s quite common now battle with indominus. how those people got indominus, my t-rex is level 13 yet, and the class is very honest, it is EPIC for me, doesn’t apper in any incubator (it seems next arena only), and VERY RARE in map. to evolve it to level 15 and get even more dna to build indominus, it’s really curious about people with it having 2700 trophies.

well… let me keep playing. when i entered top 500 players and saw those teams… really MONSTERS overpowered, i figured out my place in this game is just relax and play, LOL.

EDIT: i’m still curious to know what are criteria to choose the “4 creatures team” for battles? i mount a team with 8, why game chooses 4? it seems to me is for balancing (manipulating) battles, isn’t it?

The purpose of selecting four out of a possible eight dinos is to balance the game… Manipulation is the wrong word. It gives people with a worse team the opportunity to win a battle, if their opponent gets a poor lineup. It also adds some variety to the game. Otherwise, everyone would be fighting with the same four dinos, over and over again. On another subject you brought up, Velociraptors are very easy to find and level, but they only appear at dawn, dusk and mostly night. To come across a greater variety of dinos, you need to hunt in several spawn zones (there are currently 4).

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Yep. I evolved, but today I’m in the battle to get 3000 trophies, about a month at 2600 to 2800.

Now I understood the championship aspect of the game. It’s a global all-player competition, if I get up another player get down. And everybody is working to get up too. Maybe someday I’ll get some lvl 20 dinos in this same arena. Seems like an endless effort. That’s because my goal is get Indominus and forget the work to level up, coming back to casual player.

But see: if i was finding hard to get DNAs and level up my dinos, now I meet the COINS obstacle. I didn’t figure out before, that each level it needs MORE coins to level up a dino.

So, guess: Lab icon shows me now 22 dinos to level up. But I can’t, because one needs 20k coins, another 15k coins, I have 8k coins and have to decide level up some weak not-so-useful dinos and never level up the stronger ones, or keep seeing that icon showing more and more dinos, waiting to level up only 1.

And we are here again to see what difference makes when the player spend real money. Another thing to show me why the game is one of the most profitable in store.

Let me keep playing… maybe untill 2019 I can play RA with an Indominus.