Why Indoraptor whyy ;;

Finally got my dinos up to level 20 and with the recent rex event I could put some dna into indo for the first time! ( well, besides the Halloween event) and… let me just say this is my first unique and I’ve only been playing this game since September so I am not sure if this is normal but… is it normal for you to get four 10’s in a row!!! It’s so disheartening to work so hard to just get 4 tens ;; when I made Indom I got it in only 5 fusions! Maybe that was just dumb luck haha. Anway! Is this normal or what?

I was recently fusing grypolith, and got 7 tens in a row. I think for that one I got maybe one 20 and the rest were tens. It was excruciating to see that lousy little number pop up every. single. time.

I know your pain.

Dude four tens is nothing. Like not even worth mentioning it can and will get much worse. I recently had 7 tens in a row followed by a 20 and 5 more tens (it was only for Utasinoraptor though). I guy in my alliance claimed to have 27 tens in a row on various Dino’s.
I’ve been there with Indoraptor it’s brutal for sure but 4 is not the worst your going to get.

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Oh I get lots of tens when fusing other dinos for sure, I remember sitting there forever trying to level suchotator with 4K dna saved up and it just taking aaaages. However, I’ve never gotten so many tens when I am just trying to CREATE the dino. Usually fair better with that. I’ll get at least a ten or two, but not like So many in a row. Why I wanted to ask if it’s a common thing with unique fuses. I certainly feel better knowing it’s not just my awful luck, that others are having the same painful experience lol.

I feel a lot better about getting three 10s in a row now on my Indominus…