Why is blue slower than a velociraptor?


why did ludia make blue slower than a velociraptor. blue is a velociraptor. this doesn’t make sense


cuz she has a shield as an extra ability? You really want a team of 8 veociraptors with 132 speed lmao


I think this is simply a game balance.
(Yeah, just balance between raptors, not raptor vs other dinos)

Since original V-raptor got 1 spd faster than blue, she can become a great Blue counter.
Also, you can notice many best stats are given to common dinos, not only V-raptor…
(ex: Parasaurolophus is the fastest in Hadrosauridae, Apatosaurus got best HP, Tarbosaurus have highest base critical chance)


I suppose that your right. At least Blue should be the fastest and strongest velociraptor
Jurassic wiki
“Blue is perhaps one of largest and one of the strongest Velociraptor in the entire series. According to DPG, she measures 13 feet long and weighs 150 KG”

Fight with I-Rex
Killed Indoraptor


Uh, no. Indoraptor was accidentally killed by horns of Triceratops skull.

This is a deus ex machina. Just like I-rex killed by Mosasaurus in former movie.


Thanks for the spoilers… :roll_eyes:


Im short on blue dna foes anyone know if they are re relasing her


To be fair if you haven’t seen the film yet you could hardly call yourself a fan :wink:


Ummmmmmmmmmm :ok_hand: