Why is carnotarkus weaker than purutaurus?

Arent legendaries should be better than their fused origins? Carnotarkus doesnt have cleanse but puru has it, so whats the point of fusing it?

It has armor, and its still able to cleanse distract and slow. Sure, it loses hard to bleeders, but hey…



Carnotarkus has 20% armour and higher base dmg than Purutaurus… 2 reasons to have Carnot over Purut.

Yes Purut has cleanse which is more effective than cleanse distraction, but it only makes it weaker against bleeders. Yeah it can’t cleanse slow either but the priority works well in those cases unless it’s against an immune.

I currently have both on my team, my Carnot will soon be lvl 19, but when I decide to remove one it will be Purut because of the armour and higher dmg stat that Carnot has.

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Thank you for that review.

Are you sure about that

Purutaurus is still wat better, cause of one reason: Puru is close to team lvl, while there is no way to lvl up Carno to team lvl anytime soon. Need to create it first.

Am I sure about what? You need to be specific.

Well firstly that depends on what you define as team level and that is defined by where you are in the arena pretty much.

I will have my Carnotarkus at lvl 19 in the next couple of days and my Puru is lvl 21. My Carnot is faster than my Puru because of boosts, and my Carnot will have my dmg before it even gets to lvl 21.

However, because Carnot is only 18 right now it is why I also still have Puru on my team.

I had already leveled my Purutaurus to 24 and will keep it on my team. It’s just about as good as Carnotarkus and reminds my of Indo whom I sadly had to bench.

If I could just get all the Purutaurus DNA back I fused until I realized this!

can you upload screenshot of the skills of purutaurus and carnotarkus ???:pray:

My Puru is lvl 21, while still need to create Carno. My team average is 23,5. Puru is also boosted.

It looks uglier. That alone would make me not want to use it opposed to the epic. I’ve got my carnotarkus to level 20 but haven’t used it.

Purut moves: https://jurassicworldalive.gamepress.gg/dinosaur/purutaurus

Carnot moves: https://jurassicworldalive.gamepress.gg/dinosaur/carnotarkus

Please note the Decelerating Strike is actually meant to be SS (slow anmd cleanse distraction)

So when you said Puru is still way better, that is purely because your Puru is 21 and Carnot not unlocked yet? So really not a claim that Carnot overall is better than Puru?

About saying that puru is weak against bleeders

Part of it was irony, yes. Though I still would say Puru is better, cause it isn’t weak against bleeders. Though Carno has armor.
Both are weak to immune and IC dinos. Superiority strike can only give advantage against distractors that can’t slow or use priority move.

carnotarkus sacrifices its resistance against bleeds and damage reductions, in exchange for increasing its chances of surviving on the battlefield to better apply its counterattacks and have a greater advantage against raptors or other fast dinosaurs, and it is more likely to survive Dracoceratops and give him a good beating