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Why is Entelolania so bad? (Comparison of the Lania’s)

I don’t really see any incentive to make it honestly.

Mammolania has better HP, Speed, and Armor:

Mammolania has better resistances:

Mammolania has better moves:

Why was mammo’s counterpart introduced in such a underpowered state? Shouldn’t it have higher armor and HP? Shouldn’t it have a rampage and/or Fierce move in its kit from moth?

I know it’s all been talked about already since the 2.1 drop, but I am quite perplexed at how nonsensical it’s kit is when I was debating earlier over which to pursue and decided to compare them in the field guide.

What do you guys think?

  • It’s Junk
  • It’s Kinda Ok
  • It’s Alright
  • It’s Good
  • It’s Great
  • It’s Meta

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Any ideas on how to improve it?


It’ll probably be the first unique that’s at the alpha tier


I’m gong to make it, I like having a completed dinodex. Maybe like 6 updates down the road they’ll buff it, like monolometrodon!


Christmas 2019-Pre 2.0 Monolorhino: Allow me to introduce myself


Stigydarex and turomoloch were first. Although I think it wouldn’t be that low with the ability to regen all its hp

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Maybe simply swap out Bellow for a new Resilient Devastation? This way, it has a pretty decent offensive moveset but loses the shield, leaving only it’s decent armor rating to protect it from all non-armor piercing/defense shattering moves.

And also give it 100% Resistance to DoT and 67% Resistance to Stun, to make it more well rounded without being a total monster.

I just hope Ludia isn’t looking at this and going, “The obvious answer to this is to nerf Mammolania again!” rather than just give the turtle a buff to make it more even.

Edit: Also, upgrade Persistent Ferocity Strike to Group Persistent Ferocity Strike, to make it way more useful in Raids.

Like, imagine a RTC + GPFS combo, courtesy of Entelolania and Trystronix, just before Maxima does it’s Group Decel Rampage, or Thor does its GSI. Imagine the damage output on that. Heck, in some raids it wouldn’t even need to use it’s Devastation, and instead just keep up the GPFS so Toura can heal with relative ease (and Entelolania has it’s GEH on standby just in case), while the other two creatures just keep the pain coming.


I’d replace bellow with a group lesser heal or group shield because it seems Entel is more geared to boss raids than pvp.

As a stand alone it is pretty poor.

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I mean it can heal at least 3,600 and still do 2,700 damage at least.

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Bro no! We don’t need tanks to have DoT resistance. It’s one of their few weaknesses, that’s like giving a Rex distraction immunity. But a buff is necessary, increasing its armor to match mammo’s and giving it a group shattering move instead of bellow should make it better.


We did it, the fear of ludia nerfing uniques to the point of alpha is no more


I think it should have 50% armor and group Decelerating rampage.
Another solutions would be to change his bellow to group shattering impact and give it a little bit more attack and health

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Ya 2,700 will definitely kill some speedster…

2.1: ludia proceeds to buff almost all speedsters health.

The turtle: well crap…

Do what everyone else is doing with yet another useless unique dinosaur >>> create it then forget it ever existed ( put simply its not worth bothering about or even mentioning it again leave it to rot after creating it just to add to your ever growing list of available dinosaurs on your dinodex list ! ) :rofl: :crazy_face: :rofl:

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I would say give it SV (like ive said for mammolania) but in this case since it Does have fierce ancestry then it should keep it making the a fierce+resilient creature like it should be. Making it an alternative to the full resilient build of mammolania.

Get rid of GEH it doesn’t need to it and takes a slot for something more useful replace it with either something like Devastation or a shattering move like Fierce impact or rampage.

Replace Decelerating impact with resilient impact along it to deal with cunning.

And replace bellow with MF cause you know it’s part pig.

Ask for stats speed should be much higher but not too high that MF is useless. Although now it can have a bit of bulk since it can regen anymore. Attack should also increase to make it a true threat.

So It look like this:


Health: 4,200
Attack: 1,400
Speed: 117
Armor: 40% (since it’s supposed to be the more offensive )
Crit: 5%

Resistances: 100% stun, 100% vulnerability, 50% DoT,


  • Persistent Ferocious Strike
  • Resilient impact
  • Fierce rampage
  • Mutual Fury
    On escape heal

That way you can choose do you want the super tank that really only good against speedsters or the one that can handle both resilient and cunning creatures and gives it its own niche


Yeah, the mammoth hybrid does look better than the turtle. But the turtle looks like a unique option for raids with its Group Deceleration and Emergency Heal. Could be nice to have the option. I like having a variety of those

The problem is it’s just not good for either one

Why is Entelolania so bad?

Because when Ludia creates a new unique, it’s either trash or broken


I think they are opting with making these new hybrids trash because its saves them from all the negativity as opposed to it being OP. The forum is nicer when it comes to buffing as opposed to when nerfing a creature.


Basically almost a revive of moth but a bit more balanced

I…have to strongly disagree. Even with those two, Mammolania will still outclass it because of it’s better resistances.

Giving it 100% DoT and 67% Resistance to Stun would make it a more even playing field for the turtle, especially since there aren’t any good bleeders.

That it can still be Distracted for a full two turns means it’ll still require some skill to use. Especially since by the time the Distraction goes away, the Decel Impact will have worn off on the opponent, so they’ll have the speed advantage to potentially take down the turtle anyway.