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Why is Erliphosaurus so OP

Compare Eliphosaurus to Allonogmius. Erliphosaurus is better even though they’re both Tournament+Rare hybrid. Both Allosaurus and Bananogmius is better than Erlikosaurus and Dilophosaurus.

Bananogmius ferocity ~ 6895.2
Erlikosaurus ferocity ~ 5362

Allosaurus ferocity ~ 881.6
Dilophosaurus ferocity ~ 879.2

Why is Erliphosaurus so good? It’s better than Gorgosuchus, which is made of a tournament+super rare. Erliphosaurus needs a nerf, or Gorgosuchus and Allonogmius need a buff. Personally, I’m fine with a new carnivore hybrid with near Indoraptor attack.

I understand what you say, but… Really matter for That? He’s beautiful and his stats are very, very useful

Doesn’t matter what creatures are used to make it, what matters is what type that it ends up. In this case, it’s a tournament hybrid, and of the dinos of that type, it’s FAR from being at the top of the scale, so certainly doesn’t need to be made worse. It’s only a smidge different than the gorgo, barely worth mentioning.

When it was released many of us took note that the Allonogmius was not at a ferocity level comparable for its cost, so certainly agree that one needs a buff… but this seems to often be common with new releases by Ludia.