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Why is every team in the No Man’s Land Identical?

I have 3/8. Erlidom, max and thor. Thor is probably going out for Mammolania once it starts cooperating with fuses and gets to a usable level.

I’m sure I’ll have that frustration eventually. Until the dex is done I keep all uniques close to creation level so I can figure out what I like playstyle wise. Pretty confident lania is the last one I currently care enough about and i can start leveling for real at this point.


No boost


Honestly cause your really kinda have no choice. Why use maxima? Cause of all the indo gen2s and proRATs so you need a counter to them.

Why use tryko? It’s a counter for the towers, erlidom and proRAT; so you have to use them.

Thor? Actually that one is very tricky cause tbh I hate Thor, yes cause of boosts but also cause it’s trash it’s just a regular chomper but with priority stun. My guess is cause it’s so easy to make people just use it more instead of grinding for harder to make but better chompers like tenato or tryko.

Indoraptor gen2? Well I mean when a Dino can just go for it’s basic move and 90% of the time come out on top why not use it. Plus thanks to ludia giving its ingredients out like candy it’s now way easier to make the most “exclusive things”. BuT BlUe iS rA…I’m stop you right there cause no she isn’t! Seriously like maybe it was once rare but it’s clearly not anymore.

Erlidominus I think like Thor is mostly used cause it’s been long enough that people have it high leveled but also cause it basically one of the best speedsters in the game and the best of it’s sisters with like no contest and beats them easily, spxs gets one shotted, dilorach two shot, gamma one shot, so why work towards the others when she clearly is superior. Also immune meta and thanks to the others relying on debuffs erildom just takes the cake.

ProRAT: two words easily to lvl… triple damage mitigation. Well that’s actually 6 words anyway this thing is mostly on every team to counter the indo brothers, Thor, tryko, Erlidominus, and other speedsters and chompers. Mostly cause it super good and easy to make you know for a regular epic hybrid. Still an indom gen2 would be even more overwhelming.

Magnapryitator: probably spelled it wrong but this thing is basically the best jack of all trade able to handle anything thrown at it so ya having it on most teams is a no brainer.

This is my take on it anyway


I also only use 2 of those. Erlidom and Ig2. That does look like a familiar set of teams I’ve seen though lol.

I think Magna needs a spot over phoru

My team so far is this and since I crawled back to boosts it’s probably not gonna change anytime soon even though I have unlocked a few new recruits


I see it as common as I do in the legendary tournaments in this trophy range. I don’t really blame anyone for giving it a roster spot, SIA Stun+IR+R&R is brutal. I think it’s used as a safety against Indo2’s that are set up

Meh, I see a mix other than what OP suggests, although you’re GOING to mave most people use what works.

I think matchmaking has more to do with what you are seeing than everyone having the exact same team.

It’s going to be largely identical because the competitive players will focus on what are considered the best of the best. It’s a shame because bio-diversity in the Arena would help make it more enjoyable.



Eddie and Daryx are unboosted

Identical teams? maybe lack of imagination? Or maybe available resources… or maybe people just being practical.

I do it the other way around, making things “more dificult” using a lot of SIA in my battles.

I keep losing 40 trophies to teams that look like that (just add lvl 30 to pretty much everything there, maybe a lvl 29 smaxima or phorusaura).

But I’m with this team between 5100-5400 range.

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I use Yoshi, Indo G2, Maxima, and Erlidom. The rest is Tryko, Daryx, Touramoloch, and Monosteg. I plan on switching out Daryx for Constrictor, and Maxima for something else… Unsure of what. I want to use Entelomoth, but it has yet to have a hybrid, so I have to wait on that. I use Indo G2 because she’s easier to level up than her Unique brother.

Why use IndoR?

The rest of your team makes sense. Immune meta plus boosts makes some scary surprises.

Never saw a post being so wrong… I’m in the bracket and everybody is running Tryko and Magna, very few still running Dracorat (instead, you see Mono replacing it slowly now), a few are still running Thor, but simply because they have invested 30 boosts in it, so too late to replace it. Procerat is also dropping down in numbers (I guess players have invested less boosts in it than Thor?)… Basically, for OPs list, the only 3 very regulars are Maxima, IndoGen2, and Erliko (though this one is also slowly being replaced as well it seem…). Still can’t believe Tryko and Magna are not on that list, as they are nearly 100% there all the time

Never see Tryko’s or magna’s. On the occasion I see a magna it’s a baby L21. I’m under the impression that some are afraid to run low level magna’s because of its HP weakness to erlidom’s attack.

I see more GrypoL’s than I do Tryko’s. I suspect the amount of rats are leftovers from the old days being high leveled.

Perhaps your own team/boost levels and composition change what you see? Remember that the few people that comment here on the forum are a great minority to the thousands of players who play. I could be right or entirely wrong, I’m just curious about my original questions and not so much which made the list in my estimated “No Man’s Land Squad.”

I see trykos from time to time but not much. Thor is a like a plague down here
In aviary same with proRAT or indo gen2. Magna I see so little of same with grypo maybe cause of so many Thor people don’t want to use cause it very weak to chompers. I’m starting to see more Gemini than usual, same with maximas bit over it’s usually the same creature just boosted differently

I usually see indo and Procerat almost every match, with the occasional phorus, utahsino, allosino, alloraptor, draco, indom, monosteg, and even tryko.

Once I even saw a stygidaryx

Because those creatures are easy to obtain and level. At the same time this exact team is bad, and thus would remain in low gyrosphere. I see a lot of creatures in low gyrosphere other than these though.


Can’t comment greatly as I’m now at 5500+ but this season dropped a bit to have a mess with all the cenozoic hybrids.

On the way back up most of the dinos I saw were these (I personally only use 2, Max and Erli). Like other have said most of these guys are not very powerful and I don’t understand why there is a lack of variety with all the “free” DNA we get from daily missions etc.

Take for example Carbo month. I managed to get my Smilonemys to Lvl 24 and played right and a good boost match up can beat all of these 9/10 times

I am in this zone and I use half of these