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Why is every team in the No Man’s Land Identical?

I usually see indo and Procerat almost every match, with the occasional phorus, utahsino, allosino, alloraptor, draco, indom, monosteg, and even tryko.

Once I even saw a stygidaryx

Because those creatures are easy to obtain and level. At the same time this exact team is bad, and thus would remain in low gyrosphere. I see a lot of creatures in low gyrosphere other than these though.


Can’t comment greatly as I’m now at 5500+ but this season dropped a bit to have a mess with all the cenozoic hybrids.

On the way back up most of the dinos I saw were these (I personally only use 2, Max and Erli). Like other have said most of these guys are not very powerful and I don’t understand why there is a lack of variety with all the “free” DNA we get from daily missions etc.

Take for example Carbo month. I managed to get my Smilonemys to Lvl 24 and played right and a good boost match up can beat all of these 9/10 times

I am in this zone and I use half of these