Why is everyone being upset that there are new Cenozoic creatures being added?

I just dont get it, why are people upset? its not like a game with dinosaurs in it needs to have dinosaurs and ONLY dinosaurs, Besides, we have Birds and Lizards. why cant we have Cenezoics? Theres Cenezoics in JWTG and I dont see anyone being upset with that.


agreed. but people will be upset at anything that doesn’t fit their ideal version of the game.
let them know just how few creatures they would actually have if it was only dinosaurs allowed and we removed every non dinosaur from the game right now. its a fun little experiment.


No, people aren’t upset that only cenzoics are being added to the game…
People are upset because ludia ignoring most famous dinosaurs like ceratosaurus, microraptor ,etc ,and keep adding cenzoics…


Cenozoic creatures can sometimes be frustrating in JWTG, especially if you open a solid gold pack when you’re a low level, hope for jurassic, but get cenozoic.

Not sure here. I think dinos are what people were used to and prefer, and mostly because Cenozoics weren’t canon in the JP franchise until CC season 4 was announced.

I still can’t see the real problem with Cenozoics being added, my best and only guess is that they look more similar to modern animals and some feel weird about it.
I say this because they just can’t say they don’t want them just because they are not dinosaurs, while we have lots of Permian creatures and Pterosaurs, and some of them even want Marine reptiles added, and it’s not like they are overtaking the game or overshadowing dinosaurs, because not even close to half of the creatures are Cenozoics.


I also can’t see the problem. We had cenozoic back the day with purrusaurus. Nobody said anything when titanoboa was added. Plus cenozoics have always been part of ludia games and are even canon now. Also we had dinosaurs like compy, sinosauropteryx, albertosaurus, archaopteryx, sonorasaurus


Not only Ludia games but dinosaur games, movies and series in general have always had some Cenozoic influence, even if it’s just Smilodon and Woolly Mammoth, they’re still there, and bot Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras have become almost a synonym in popular culture, mostly for kids because for them, everything that isn’t alive right now is a dinosaur, show a kid a picture of a Smilodon and ask him what it is and they will say it’s a dinosaur, and remember, this game’s main focus is kids, the Jurassic Park franchise as a whole has made kids their main focus.

I wonder if the opposite ever happens? Do you think there was a strong backlash when they had dinosaurs in Ice Age 3? :thinking:

that was adorable! i miss those baby t rexes.


There’s no problem with cenezoics in the game. They actually bring more variety into the game, especially with hybrids. Getting rid of cenezoics means getting rid of a lot of fan favorite hybrids such as Spinoconstrictor and Mammolania.

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I can’t give an exact answer to that because I don’t really know when the dislike for Cenozoic animals started, but in my point of view, that was a really cool idea and I bet most people loved it, specially the baby T-Rex’es and Rudy.

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I remember watching it as a kid. The prehistoric animal nerd in me thought the anachronism was annoying, but I would be lying if it wasn’t the most enjoyable film in the franchise :sweat_smile:


Yep. Dinosaurs living with other prehistoric creatures has a long history. There was even a documentary called prehistoric Park that had that

“Nobody’s impressed by a dinosaur anymore. Kids today compare the Stegosaurus to an elephant from the city zoo.”

-prob someone from lydia

But seriously personally they should keep it in a 60-40 ratio of dinos and then the other creatures (including things that look like dinos like pterosaurs terror birds snakes and then the megafauna) and not keep the meta so restricted to 8 creatures especially when the top creature doesnt look reptilian enough

And maybe make less cursed designs that will haunt your dreams

WHAT!!! It is imposible.

Aww but those are my favorites!

I don’t have a problem with Cenozoics, really. They threw out creatures that I didn’t even know existed, which I really love. I finally got my wish - bear Hybrids! I even give cheat passes to those reptilian in nature (ie Deinosuchus, Titanoboa)

I’m just surprised and a bit upset that Arctodus came before Gigantosaurus, Chasmosaurus, Gigantoraptor, Saltosaurus, Ultimasaurus, etc.

Maybe I’m greedy. Maybe I just wanted to see more unknown dinos. I don’t know. I’d even settle for more dino based hybrids, like -CoughcoughDimodactyluscoughcough

Sorry. Something stuck in my throat. But yeah. That’s all I’m saying.

Id be fine if they add ones similar to grylenken. No more likes of scuto-dog. Personal opinion ofc

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It’s funny, because Kelenken is more closely related to Gryposuchus than Amphicyon is to Scutosaurus. So I guess your reasoning makes sense on that level :sweat_smile: