Why is everyone forced to play the same dinos?

Hey Folks,

I have been in the higher range (5300+) for some time and have now tried new dinos in the lower arenas.

As I thought, most players are forced to use the same dinos in this range (4300) as well as players in other arenas are playing against same dinos in their arena.

What I mean, why are there not more options to chose from? Why are most dinos more or less useless when they come to a specific point?

Have been playing this team, no boosts, and its just impossible to win in the range of 4300.

Those dinos are either to small damage, wrong stats, to little health or to slow in speed. Why are not more dinos equaly good?



when they announce stat boost, i was happy because of believing that we were about to have exactly this…


even boost announce message that 1.7 update was talking about something… “make a trex fast as a velociraptor” or some like that.

but… time showed us that’s not the point.

many updates and changes later, we keep facing the same dinos every battle.

because we just can’t. ludia doesn’t let us manage our strategies.

we set up and invest in a good team, then here comes another update and mess them all. that dino we boosted is now a trash.

then we spend effort in another dino, and in the middle of a season, ludia again and your new dino is the new trash, and maybe that old nerfed is now good again… or not.

and 10 more dinos are available to unlock too.

it’s so insane that only hardcore players (or “whales”) can follow in time. and even them stay with some few dinos every update.

do you want more diversity? i give my tip:

loose down to lower arenas, and swap your dinos… loose more and more. each arena you will face different dinos, then setup a compatible team and enjoy.

and forget those boosts. ranking is for whales. enjoy each battle as a single thing, and forget trophies too.


Idk about you guys, but I think there are 3 things that limit diversity. They are Skill Ceilings, Meta, and Player Budget.

Skill ceilings are likely the biggest influence here. It’s a term rarely used even in gaming, but it’s basically the amount of skill a player needs to effectively use an asset. All creatures have them, yet some are stupidly high, which is why few use a certain creature. The best example is Spinoconstrictor, requiring the user to be rly good at strategizing and mind games. It has one of the highest ceilings in game. The other end of the spectrum is something like Rex, with only 1 easily manageable gimmick.

The Meta actually revolves around Skill Ceilings, as it hurts diversity by indirectly raising creatures Skill Ceilings while others are lowered. Cunnings aren’t good in the current meta, but many players can use them effectively.

The last one, Player Budget, basically means that the more players can spend, the faster they get resources and the faster they progress


I play all the dinos as I now have 142 level 20-21 creatures. I hate to say but that team of yours is bad. I’m at 4254 right now with my teams but play better creatures but not the same old dino’s everyone else is using.

This is my team at this point in time:
My Team 20201029
I did win with this team and playing against the same old Indominus Rex’s and Monolometrodons and Indo’s and Thors and Allosinosaurus’s. I don’t see many new creatures.


The game always lacks diversity

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Mostly because overall uniques are better then legendaries. I think there is nothing wrong with that.
However, due to the easy availability and obtainability of unique DNA through championships etc, you will face uniques in the "lower"arenas. Players run Ardentis and other uniques, even though they do not have the ingredients on fuse level. Thats the “real” problem if you ask me.


Nothing is stopping you from building your own team and making your own strategic strike force.

Players like me lack imagination and a strategic mind to build an excellent team so we follow the meta and just build what is popular.

If you feel there is no diversity, think what can you build to counter the meta.


I saw some diversity today in arena, albeit lvl30s and well boosted. But it was quite refreshing for a change, didn’t know gorgo has speed resistance lol

No-one forces anyone to play the same dinos, however, Ludia pushes many people to use the same dinos because they keep nerfing dinos unnecessarily like the Carnotarkus.

But Ludia never learns to leave things alone if they aren’t a problem.

As @arugono said, lots of us will only use the meta dinos as we don’t have the skill to work out what will counter and beat the meta. It’s a bit like playing an online shooting game and choosing inferior weapons just to hone in your evasive skills.

Our alliance has a weekly friendly tournament amongst ourselves. A different theme every week and it’s way more fun than the arena. You play the best of 5 matches and may only choose specific Dino types for each tournament. Once you’ve chosen you can’t change your 8 dinos during the match. This allows for diversity and using the different dinos is great.

Nothing other than your ego stops you from using whatever you want in the arena, but to compete it’s always going to be hard to use less effective dinos. Eventually, whatever you choose will find it’s place and you’ll get to the win one lose one place in the arena. That’s what players seem to forget, yet it’s so simple. You have to get to a point of parity eventually. Win one, lose one, win 2 lose 2 etc… boost and you may win 3 or 4 before losing 1 or 2 and you may move up a bit. Level up a Dino or two and you do the same, so you will move up a bit every month. But eventually you hit that spot that holds you where you stay for ever!

So if you have to progress in the arena without spending loads of money you have to stick to the meta dinos or be a very skilful player. Having a bigger roster will necessitate buying more coins to level them all if you choose not to boost, so it isn’t just boosts preventing variety. If you insist on using different dinos without boosts and you lose more than you win, then clearly it’s a matter of poor choices and a lack of realisation that you’ll inevitably find a lower level in the arena to find your place.

Long answer short, it’s because the game doesn’t have equal variety in all classes. Too many resilients, few cunning and even less fierce. And the way the game is balanced to make some creatures of the same niche clearly stronger than the other doesn’t help either. Doesn’t help that already useless creatures are nerfed every update for no reason.

The constant changes will also force more basic players to just invest into their “old reliables” regardless of how they may have been affected by meta shifts or creature reworks. This is why the Aviary is plagued with Indoraptors and Thoradolosaurs boosted and leveled so much they can defy their places in the game’s structure.

Mainly, the players that high up the game are uber competitive (not saying that in a bad way) and they will only pick the options that are worth playing if they want to stay competitive. The further down you go you find more variety until you reach the new players who don’t have a great deal yet.

Personally I think it would be better if every creature from Common upwards was designed to be viable for longer.

if i wasn’t competetive, i’d be playing a few different creatures myself. Allorap, megalosuchus, majundaboa to name a few.


As far as diversity goes, I have so many good choices now I’m still thinking my team.
Dio, Magna, MRhino, Tryko, TenRex, Thor, Gem, Draco, Spyx, Orion, Grypo, Spinocon…

And I can only choose eight.
There’s probably more that are good that I’m not even considering.
Not sure where there’s a diversity issue.

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I use a Megalosuchus at the Beach. . .

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with meta changing in the middle of a season, and ludia’s nerfs and buffs coming this fast, it’s a very hard task.


Simple: Multiple boost reset… Main difference up to 2.0 was where players had put their boosts. With 2.0, many players simply reboosted their old team, other adjusted to the new dinos, so that gave us decent diversity. Then 2.2 (after a month of crying for another boost reset) came the second boost reset, so by then, those who made the mistake to place their boosts on the wrong dino finally got it right, so now, everybody is using the same dinos. Honestly, as much as I like boost reset, the only thing it does is make sure that everybody eventually get it right, and boost the same top dinos.

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i already talked about in an old boost thread…

we should have boost reset every update, since every update we have creature changes.

Yeah. I levled up the Utasinoraptor in 2019, now at level 29. Investing coins and dna, and it haven’t even got any immun abilities in latest updates. All those coins + dna just sittikg there, making me a bit irritated. Also, the change of ability to decrease the opponents speed just dissappered. Now the Utasino is another dino then I wanted :frowning:

Have you invested in any dinos that are no longer playable or used in the arena?

When the meta change so fast it seems impossible for the ordinary players to keep up. I remember the Indoraptor Gen 2 a year ago. I started to level up that also, level 23 and fused 2000 extra dna (!!) , just useless now.

If I should count all my coins from the Utasino and the example of Indoraptor Gen 2, that could be a milion or so. To go out and hunting coins to reach 1 million would take a long time.

This makes me a bit angry.