Why is everyone forced to play the same dinos?

Thanks for sharing a more philosophic perspective. Yes. While there are a few playable dinos that are rarly used in the arena, they could be good in a strategy team.

And I find this term you are saying a bit interesting. So you think most players use same dinos because they see other players use it?

Instead of thinking what could be a god counter, many fall in to the same pattern?

Ludia’s lack of imagination and innovation is the reason. They’ll release something and pray people will use it.

I get your point. But why shoulden’t dinos who are already hard to get, be in a equaly good position as other dinos?

If I spend hours hunting for DNA and can’t play the dinos in the arena, what’s the point of hunting or even unlock and try the dinos?

It makes me wonder why do we go out and hunt DNA AT ALL?!

Thanks for your opinion.

Do most players do this? Follow everyone else because they lack fantasy?

Are Ludia aware of this way people behave and just giving players the tool?

Do Ludia know most dinos they are introducing are bad!?

i see it a lot. I fell victim to it a bit as well. if the top players are using these 8-12 creatures, then those must be the best ones so we all should go after them.

i’m actively working on building a team with a bit of what i like and what will counter what the majority are playing.

There’s a lot of factor limiting teams. I think most players use the same dinos becuase they are easy to use, not create. Max was popular when it could cycle and now is for its ease of use, meanwhile Gem, functioning slightly differently with a higher skill ceiling, isn’t used as often. The OP creatures force you to use them and their counters if you want to climb easily. You can do it otherwise, but it’s incredibly difficult

I understand. But are not the real problem the cost to try out new combination?

If someone have 100.000 coins, either invest in a safe dinos like TRYK or THOR, they put out tons of damage.

Or invest in something like Stygidaryx and build a good team around it. Or something else like Thylacototar.

The price player pay to go against the meta is very high, and also becoming veven harder while players boosts those safe dinos (Tryko,Thor) and players who are building different decks are probably not giving boosts to them?

So taking a different way is not a good payment? Does everyone already know this without saying it? Does Ludia know most of their dinos are useless in the arena?

They know.
Creating a balance arena and a sane environment is not what they want
Let me explain:
A good company (i will take clash royal for example):
You can take any cards:No one of them are OP,few are meta relevant but the meta will change ,and you are not forced to play 10 cards,there is dozen of good combination letting a few cards useless left.

And now take ludia:
-Create stronger cards than others (Tryko>stigydaryx) (Magna>indoraptor) (Entelemoth>Entelania)
And you can see that in every rarity…
Epic hybrid tourney?20 hybrids epics but if you don’t play sarcorixis,you won’t even go in the top 500.
You can safely say:SARCORIXIS,thylaco are a must have
And on the others side:you have really bads hybrids:scaphotator,spinotahraptor,majundaboa…
These last 2 month,we got plenty of epic hybrids battle,they knew what to do,what did they do?
Increase stun resistance of majundaboa,a few hp and dmg to scaphotator ,and nothing to spinotah for example.
In the same time,nerf of 450hp for brontolasmus which was BALANCE.
Last tourney,how many bronto did you see?none because he now got 2 shoot by sarcorixis.
Epic tourney?Same.
Wooly rhino is rampant because there is no resistance to swap in damage which is ridiculous.and it have 1500 dmg.
Same for diplodocus which beat fierce ,same for titanoboa which is even better than his hybrids.
On the other hand,koolasuchus ,maiasaura,pteranodon remain useless.
Rare?Dracorex,triceratops,kelenken and nasutoceratops…anything with a swap in dmg or huge dmg…

Add the fact speed boost can destroy the balance and the logic of cunning faster than fierce faster than resilient…


I like your explanation. This is what I also see a pattern of.

So you mean Ludia want to control the game, while example the Royal Clash rely on the players to control the game?

How should players be motivated to go out and hunt dinos If only a handful of them are good, and so many behind exclusive walls in the game?

Are Ludia destroying their players motivation to evolve and becoming more interested in their hunting and playing? If only a handful dinos are good and eveyone else use them, the battles becomes boring year after years?

In clash royal,players don’t control the game,i was on there forum ,there were survey and polls but they have a system to know which % of victory/use have every card and in this way balance it.
They can balance cards without nerfing weak cards or buffing too strong cards.

Ludia should just use the same thing.
Stop listening the nerf/buff of the whole forum and just look at the % of victory/loss of every creature for his rarity in 26 tourneys and in the arena.

For the boosts,i have no issue about health and damage.
Just about speed boost.

Personally my only motivation to go outside and collect DNA is just for collection,i am one of those which have let down arena and even the game for 5 month.
I came back in 2.0,and i got faith in the new class system even if everything is not perfect (aka kill dilorach and every hadrosaurs in PVP)
And the new system have some good things

When you look all ludias mistake,either they are really incompetent (not testing anything on a beta server),either they mean to create frustration so the players spends more money.
One game used to do that,it was call “battlenation”,it ended as a P2W and today ,it is dead.
It was out in the same time as clash of clan,that was in 2011 i think.

You want a clue about the actual system?

Forgot to mention,fierce should have % of immunity to swap in stunning strike/swap in resilient strike.
And rework the base dinos aswell.

In the end,you can create new ability exclusives to cunnings-fierce , fierce-resilient and resilient-cunning.

Turn the speed boosts to 2 point to 0,2 point,so if you spend 20 point,you have 4 more speed points,you won’t destroy the upper class and in the same time,you will be faster than all the others creature in the same class.

And to finish,rework the cunnings ability:When you use cunning strike/impact/rampage,if the opponent use a ferocious ability the next 2 turn,it doesn’t increase damage and deal the -50% damage as intended,any ferocious ability see his base dmg -50% for the next two turn

So in a case of Procera vs sarcorixis for example:
1 turn: Procera use cunning strike/sarco use resilient strike.
Procera is slow and loose 1300 hp
2 turn: Sarco use ferocious impact:It will deal only 975dmg.

Actually cunning moves are useless because they strike before the opponent use his ferocious ability.
Now,it delay the action and make ferocious abilities weaker.

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