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Why is everyone playing same stuff? No one can win this game!

This game must have a serious problem, the yellow dinos, even at level 20 is nearly usless compared to our legendary dinos.
Aswell, some legendary are useless to use and even some of our uniqs.

Everyone is playing same stuff all the time in higher leauges. Why?

Why can’t we get more variation, New sets of building our teams, functions with more power and varation!?

It’s not worth grind all this DNA to just meet same dinos over and over again but with one higher level. Funniest battles seems to be in lower leagues, where opponents could use nearly any of the other 90% dinos we have access to.

Why people think they can win this game and strive for upper leauges?


Too many cooks and not enough chefs. You brought up some good points.


We have to be patient, it’s still first year. Even Pokémon started with few powerful choices between only 150 creatures and look where ithey are now :laughing:


Do you think this game will survive?

As I understand, most players of this game is adults who can both pay and drive…

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Well… Yes, I do. Why wouldn’t it?

Hmm… I don’t think that is an accurate data. And don’t see why this would be a bad thing, nor what it has to do with the subject in discussion…

The game is dominated by three types; spoofers, p2w and those who commute with urban public transportation or similar. The rest of us don’t have the same resources available.


I think most children who play is stuck somewhere in lower arenas, players who never get enough dna before the game is Boring.

The adults are the ones who strive for better and better dinos.

As I see it, the party is not happening in higher arenas because it takes to mutch effort and dedication. I assume the fun is where players not compete for winning with max, best and fastest dinos.

The game lack modes for fun game experience.


That’s accurate in the short game, but in the long game, if you’re willing to put in the time, a free to play player will be in the top 10. Rng and all that is a thing for one of five or ten battles, but in the long game, it all doesn’t matter. Unfortunately the current state is the people who spoof and pay the most for coins are winning, but it will level out - if the game lasts long enough for that.


I see… well, if you feel that way, then as I said, patience… I believe this game will last, yes. It’s been a success from the start and they are adding new dinos and features, changing things to see if it gets better… There’s much to improve.

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are you an adult that drives?

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Yes I am, why?

Yes the player base has shrunk from when it was first launched but it’s took an upturn in the last four weeks at least for people playing on Samsung devices

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It’s really difficult to have diversity at the moment. If a lower rarity dino is too strong, people will call nerfs, like draco gen2, but we only have a limited number of uniques in the game and some of those uniques are not good at higher arenas, so many players have to use the same dinos.

If players want diversity, they either should stop whining or wait for a few years until there are enough uniques to make diversified teams in top arenas. It’s sad but true.


Indeed… I hate when Draco2 kills my dino but at the same time I liked what they did with it! Wish all the commons had their situational usefulness like that.


The problem of seeing always the same dinos is because most of us invested a lot of hours and/or money to evolve some dinos to higher level (I am looking at my lev 24 stegodeo) and now they can’t and/or want to spend hours/money to upgrade gigaspika or tragodistis who can be better in higher arena, so you still see a lot of stegodeo and less other dinos.

Personally, I am loving the SIA and Hit&Run dinos but i just have spinotasuco in my team, cause I want to wait what 1.6 will be, then I will choose what to do.
I chose the Thor route instead of Rinex cause I saw the possible nerf on the latter dino, of course none of us want to put such efforts to create a useless dinos, I want to collect them all but if I have to prioritize something, it is a dino that can be used in the arena cause it is a feature I like in the game. Every battle is different from the former, different people making different moves and strategizing is something I really like.


This was because of the christmas special event… lets see now that there over how things go… if it goes back down now the events are over its a good indication of whats driving people away.

What do you see as being the ‘same stuff’? It varies from arena to arena

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I see the same dinosaurs/hybrids all the time. It gets very boring but it’s understandable as the best competitive builds will use the same things.


As I see it, a problem is the kind of staircase model the game is build on.

First you level up dino A, they are only good to the level where we could build legendary.

Then people mostley build dino A only.

Then next step, everyone need dino B. Mostley the legendary.

And later on, in end game, people will use dino C.

As I see it, it could be better if dino A and B could get new abilities and/or attacks when it reach specific levels.

Then dino A could be as strong as dino C, WHEN it example reach level 25.

As it is now, 90% of dinos in the game are never used. This is a problem.


I would like to see it made cheaper in terms of both Gold and DNA for lower tier (common/rare/epic) creatures to be levelled up. This way we could more easily make them compete at the higher levels, break up the ‘same old’ scenario of everything mainly being a legendary/unique, and inject a bit of variety into the ‘so called’ end-game. And open up the game to more players and making it more accessible to thoses who can’t afford the time/money/effort to get a team of legendaries up to competitive levels.

I don’t think new moves need to be added because many these low tier creatures have already just been given a plethora of interesting tactical and swap-in moves. Which when used on levelled up creatures would be devastating to even legends/uniques when played ‘well’.

But it’s the old value for money argument, are you going to spend 80,000 coin on levelling up a common to L26, or a legendary? The flat rate of gold for all dinos seems very disproportionate, would you spend the same for a fiat as you would for a ferrari?