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Why is "Heal" affected by attack power?

It feels so weird - If Purrolyth uses Ferocious strike, it heals 3000HP. But if not, it only heals 2000HP. Is that a bug, or is it supposed to work like that? There’s nothing in the text that suggests it’s based off the attack power. Did I miss something in the notes?


Heals are based on the attack stat now. so any buffs to the attack of a creature will buff the heals as well.


Thanks, I must have missed that note. Not sure I like that change, but oh well.

it makes things like Toura, Dilo, and Tenrex mixed with a buffer like tryo great in raids. lots of extra healing.


I also like the change because it makes putting attack boosts onto your 1000+ base attack healer not a total waste. Otherwise you’d just put 20 into HP and then the rest to speed.

Just wait til I reboost my Meg :smirk:

I love this change tbh