Why is Indominus always faster than Stegodeus?


From my experience if you use the same dino as your opponent you start if you click faster. Which most of the time works for me. Just when i fight my Stegodeus against Indominus Rex (which both have the same speed of 107) i never get to start - even though i click as fast as i can. At first i thought my opponent just was even faster than me. But now after experiencing it like 10 times i start to believe that Indominus is simply faster even though the stats are equal.

Has anybody ever started against Indominus?


if IREX is higher level it goes first. if your stegodeus is higher level it would go first. that’s the first tiebreaker.


Thanks. That makes sense. At least i dont need to get mad over it any more. Generally i would like it better if the lower level starts since the higher level has a strength advantage already. It would make fights more competitive.


not always at the same lvl who click first has te advantage