Why is indoraptor faster than pyritator


despite them having the same speed as 128 each?


Were they a higher level than you?


That’s not supposed to apply to different species.


Rarity takes priority in cases where speed is the same. (and level)
Unique > Legendary > Epic > Rare > Common
Indo is unique, pyrit is Legendary

edit: hmm I’m sure I read about the rarity theory on metahub but I can’t seem to find it now.

I could be wrong


Yes it applies(20 characters)


Then why does postmetridon outspeed tragodist


It most definitely applies to different species.


If my stegodeus is a lower level than Indominus, Indom will be faster.
Dunno about the rarity therory. Any proof on that one?


Maybe I just suck at searching but I can’t seem to find an official post by Ludia that actually dictates battle speed determination.


Yeah, an actual statement about the official determinations would be nice. I agree.


First is speed. Pyrritator and Indoraptor are both 128. But I have battled some friendly battles and have seen, that lower rarity goes first! And I don’t lie! Blue and Delta both are 131, but Delta strike first EVERY time!


Maybe you already tried, but just to be sure… doing a friendly battle and push Indoraptor attack button, then wait 5 seconds and push Pyrritator’s button?

Edit: @Sprectomegakai searching the forum I found also this one with the list of priority:

  • (Act First if applicable)
  • Speed
  • Level
  • Rarity (two dinos at same level with same speed but different rarities results in the rarer dino going first)
  • Whoever Input Move First

So rarity is the third of the list, the higher level will go first? Unfortunately, there isn’t any Ludia post on this. And I am not able to find something on MetaHub with this key search…


Tested it with Ornithomimus and Blue! I pressed Pounce about 3 seconds before my friend chose Evasive Strike!


Look, regardless of who goes first, Ludia should fix the arrows. Half the time it is wrongly pointed and the other half of the time you think it is correct (after stunning your opponent) but ends up the opponent strikes first.