Why is it double points in T5 (unique advantage) instead of T4?

It has always been double points for T4 but has been changed to T5 this time. So now not only do we have a unique advantage EVERY SINGLE MONTH from NONE before, but also double points for unique advantage every time now.

What’s your problem, Ludia? Where is the transparency for this HUGE change without any communication and boost reset? Our boosts are mostly stuck on these now useless rare/epic tournament dinos now, and it becomes impossible for us to reach the highest reward with this change.

Please change T4 to double points. This kind of black-box operation becomes more and more unbearable every day. COMMUNICATION PLEASE, LUDIA!


Also, T4 used to be double points, why X1 now? Please change back.

Absolutely ridiculous! T4 was 2x points earlier today but it was just taken away like no one would notice. Unique advantage is already extremely difficult for many of us who have focused solely on tournaments and this is just rubbing salt in the wound.Come on Ludia….fix this game!


I wish I could find the words to formulate how much this insults the lower levelled players and starting alliances but honestly…… I’m lost for them…. Quite some time already


I think it has to do with them wanting the player base to buy more boosts


Guess that based on the statistics, they get more from boost sales from unique advantages.

All $$ oriented. In the long run, ignoring the majority of the user base and turning tournaments into Arena will cause the survival issue of the game.


Unique Advantage for 4 consecutive month now? Wowwwwwwwwww that’s literally so boring. Maybe stop listening to the money talking to you and start to listen to your player base that is still around while you pulled off so many bad decisions


Please have a heart for tournament players again, Ludia.
We are team players and have become better players at the fair and not in the arena.
We love varied formats and like to compete with other alliances.
Give the idea of a competition a chance again and stop favoring certain alliances with unique monthly formats.
Also think of inexperienced players and smaller alliances and give them the chance to enjoy tournaments and to awaken their fighting spirit with appropriate formats.
Unique formats will certainly not do this!
Last but not least, our ideas of varied tournaments go well with your financial ideas.
Move, Ludia! And show that you care about us.
A first concession from you should be a change in the scoring of T 4.
2× points for T 4 is a MUST!
Thank you for listening!


Really cannot understand why they removed X2 from T4 since T4 had always been double points. It’s nearsighted to focus only on a single class of dinos for both tournaments and the Arena simply because this will bring in more boost sales right now, not long run since there will not be many players remaining…


Unique skill should be the cash tourney, LIKE IT WAS for quite a while, and should be 2x. Don’t understand why the change to make it constantly unique ADVANTAGE now? Lol

Because unique skill doesn’t push boost sales?


I think 2x is for the last tournament of the month.

Always the 4th tournament before, even in 5-week ACs.

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Also, T4 used to be X2 at the beginning of the AC. They just changed it for no reason.

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So this is just another suggestion that Ludia will ignore. Without any explanations, changed X2 from T4 to T5, yeah, another another another Area team equipped unique advantage.

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Seems unfair but Ludia does this unique tournements so they can profit on Boost sale . We are free to buy them or not but there is players/whales that pay for boost no matter what . And if we want Ludia to add new content and updates every month they need to get paid. I think Boost and coins sale are the mayor profitable ways to get paid. Looks unfair but this is business .

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Tournaments are so boring now. I was excited to see the epic and rare. Now I guess it’s not the x2 as it always has been. So that’s lame.

Last year we were flooded with epic and rare and it bored people. This year it’s legendary and unique while also adding unique advantage to the mix. It’s very boring and probably even more boring considering all of the heal and dog in moves as well as the cloaks and dodges etc. longer battles make it boring. Not to mention flocks with limited group attack moves to counter. It’s just not that fun.

I think that all rarities should be given equal usage in the championships. Not the same stuff month after month. Don’t burn us out.

Switching can be profitable as well. Players who don’t boost a specific class may start to grow those creatures which would be coin and boost sales for ludia.

I have great epic and rare teams but my legendary is lacking bad and unique is alright I guess but none are boosted. So now I have to focus on building some legendary creatures. I’m free to play so no money from me but I’m still grinding for the coins and dna and eventually boost. A pay to win player would do the same that wants to win and be competitive. Instead of doing this ludia just uses the unique advantage over and over and over.

Another option with the x2 would be to move it around each month. Sure it could be staged to still be unique advantage but we may also be able to get a x2 skill in various layouts.

I use to love championships and had fun playing them. Now I barely play. Just try to hit the team fun goal and call it off unless it’s a decent tournament.

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More about short-term profits. But players are bored, pissed off, and leaving. There have been so many members left recently like never before. Who wants to play Arena again and again in tournaments? If the user base becomes small enough, there will be no profit. It’s like killing the goose that lays the golden egg. Without keeping layers’ interest, how long can they reap the profit?

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