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Why is it maxed out at 5000?


So given the short time the game has been out , can anyone tell me why the game is effectively over at 5000 trophies ?
It’s perfectky feasible to complete it in a couple of months so why aren’t more levels available ?
If the game didn’t have the means to make as much money as it does I could kind of get it , but seriously it makes so much money that this cant be reason . Why would a cash cow like this game not extend the gameplay ?


We seem to be in season 0. At some point something like prizes get handed out medals reset to 3500. And we have a new tournament.

There is a cheat self reporting window about to close. They didn’t want to start a new tournament before cheats were removed which I 100% agree with.


If you ask many of the people including those that pay alot of money… We have so far only a handful of people who are around the 5000 trophies mark…

Therefore, it is very unlikely that most people that get to 5000 trophies are legit and have around level 27+ Dino’s … For example… Some of us see a t rex once a week if we are lucky or even a few times a week and then you need to factor in the coin cost to get your t rex to level 20 and then to collect say Kentosauras who is another epic and you will again only see him maybe once a week. Multiply that again by the amount of DNA and coins it’s pretty unliky alot of people could create diorajasaur how quickly they have. not impossible but unlikely… Without doing something you shouldn’t to find all that DNA

Then again there is probably the arguement … that they just didn’t think that far ahead… ,:cat:


Good points , but I’ve only been seriously playing for six weeks and have reached 3700 . I do spend money on the level up offers and I drive too so get loads more dna than lots of others .
I’ve been playing Pokémon go since it’s launch and still haven’t quite hit level 40 , but that’s over two years now . I just can’t see the long term appeal of this game once you hit the limit .


Not sure if your also aware that about a week or so ago Ludia made an announcement in regards to cheaters and that it will down rank everyone who is still not banned to 3500 trophies… To start a new tournament of some sort.

As a result some people have tried to down rank their accounts to try and outsmart Ludia . So around the 4000 mark… You may not have fortunately battled any of them yet.

Secondly some people are battling only with their B team now to again outsmart Ludia so they may have a powerhouse of a team but until this ban wave is over they are using lower level Dino’s.

They need to cleanse the game before launching anything new… Will happen eventually!