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Why is it that i am facing higher lever creatures in my pvp battles

I am mostly facing opponents with a higher level then myself. I have lost a large portion of my recent battles. I enjoy this game so much but become so frustrated when i go on a 15 battle losing streak. I can not afford to put to much money into this game but feel as though the only way to accumulate the sufficient fund i need to do cash purchases. If anyone has an idea of ways to accumulate more funds in any other ways besides the ussual (supply drops, battles which i cant win, alliance challenges that are new,) please any input or suggestions on ways to increase my chances id appreciate any ideas


I used to be around 4200-4400 in dexcember-ish, now I’m struggling to stay In the 4000’s (this happened before the update). Feels weird to think that the average dino levels would have increased that dramatically. I used to be fine with lvl20 dinos in 4300, now 4000 has 22-24 regularly. Now that we have a new update it didn’t make things any easier since many of my team dinos got nerfed.

The point is, maybe everyone else is levelling up faster than you? Idk.

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At least I’m not alone lol.

You aren’t alone show your team. I prolly won’t tell you what Dino’s to use but I will explain where your lacking and try to help you tailor a new team to you.


Cheaters have proliferated this game.
They’re going to rise faster than non cheaters and create an imbalance.

I think many of us are experiencing this rise in the power it takes to achieve a certain level of play.

It’s frustrating, and Ludia appears to have taken a blind eye to it.

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this is my team

You have a lot of random number skilled Dino’s I don’t know your play style but

Indominus, Indo raptor, for sure paramoloch, alosino.

I’m guessing that when thier skills roll aces your a beast but when you run into counters and bad rolls you pull a Hindenburg?

BTW I like your line up.

The big issue is my cloak features rarely work. So indo raptor, indom, monomimus alway get hit. Which in turn makes me give free shots out. But there are occasions where it lines up but im facing the same creatures just higher levels then mine

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Yeah on the monomimus front I typically use him as my first in Dino I go through his distract and nullify specials then I cloak. Mostly to see if I can squeeze a few more moves out of him.

And the reason you are fighting Dino’s. That are higher than you is that this game matches you to your opponent based on trophy count. That was stated from the developers specifically.

They have talked about reworking it and making changes but no one has really seen the effects.

So you will run into arena droppers and higher level Dino’s in battle since dinosaur level is not currently listed as a criteria for match ups.

After 1.6 Monomimus got hit with the nerf bat. You might want to consider taking Mono out and switching in Tryostronix.
Mono being nerfed twice now, means chances are your team is weaker than before.
Now what happens is people play the game a lot in battles they shoot up to the rankings.
Now the game does have some type of matchmaking system. So it will try to match you up with people in your range. I believe the longer you have to wait, the wider the range the match making system will get. But I have not proof of that.
Also the game population plays at various game times. If you play during a dead time, like 2 AM in the USA, you will face a smaller player pool, and chances are you will get lucky and play people much lower than you. So when this happens you end up beating like 4 people in a row, and shooting up the ladder. Now what happens later, is you play at a normal time, and you get knocked down that ladder because you are facing some stiff competition.
Another reason why you may face some tough teams is some players, who don’t care about off season rankings, will actually send out low level teams to drop down and get beat. Later on, they will put their A teams up again, and destroy people as they climb back up.

1 last thing using resources.
I noticed your Allosinosaurus is level 21. You may want to consider to stop leveling him and working your way toward making Thoradolosaur.
You may want to consider avoiding leveling epics over 15 unless they are going to be used at level 20 for a hybrid.
So you might want to create caps for yourself.
Commons 5
Rares 10
Epics 15
Legendary 20
Unless a hybrid comes up asking for a higher level. Good luck

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Mono needs to go for sure…

Simple. Ludia couldn’t program it’s way out of a paper bag and has shown time and time again they don’t care about these problems and have no intention of really fixing them.

Instead they’ll push their events and incubator promos to try and make extra cash.

This has been a problem for some time. Doubt this problem will get fixed anytime soon. Fixing matchmaking hasn’t been a priority for them.

Yesterday I faced a team so far out of my league they had Dino combos I could only dream of and health levels that were twice all of mine. I didn’t stand a chance.

I’m noticing I’m fighting teams I don’t stand a chance at from the start. I’ve lost so much ground now it’s ridiculous.

Ludia get your crap together and fix these problems behind the scenes. Or is it really that hard to do?

I know I’m not spending anymore money until you do and I suggest others speak with their wallet too.


Absolutely nothing you can do. Matchmaking is based on the number of trophy you own, and players can simply drop this number by many hundreds by simply starting the fight, but not battling (let say while they work, eat, etc, no need to watch the game). Then, when their trophy count is low enough, they can now very quickly win their incubators by pounding guys like us who are playing legit, and only try to go up. That why you’re facing opponents with a higher level. As long as matchmaking is based ONLY on trophy count, this game will be a nightmare. On top of that, if 25% of the players are dropping voluntary, they also push legit players (with big dinos) down, so often, you also get pounced by legit players that would otherwise be much higher in rank. I guess Ludia will eventually fix matchmaking because they are likely not holding on their player base until they do (if it’s not too late).

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The Bug forum has all kinds of bugs but do you think Ludia cares? Overall, nope.

Proof of that is that update after update after update comes out and most of the same problems persist.

But hey spend $100 on a few incubators and you might level up a Dino or two that might help you out, but probably not.

Spend another $10 a month for slightly extended range and some minor perks that really don’t add anything.

A sucker is born every minute.

Why fix the problems if some people so easily plop down the coin thinking spending more money will fix the problems. lol

Simply put I have zero faith Ludia will fix many of these issues. They have zero incentive to right now. And why should they?

Every update seems to make things worse because they won’t fix the previous problems so those problems exist on top of new ones. And even if they fix a big 5 more seem to pop up they have no interest in fixing.

Their matchmaking sucks. I’m being forced to fight dinos that I’m not even close to getting and have at least twice the health of my dinos. It’s a simple massacre. Zero chance in hell of beating any of them.

Ludia simply doesn’t care and nothing they are doing indicates they do at the moment.

Plus cheaters and exploiters have run of this game. So what’s the point? Why even bother spending money on a game not even the developers care enough about to fix.

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Always the same… matchups are really annoying…

Two days ago in 4750, today in 4400.

Can someone explain me how the heck matchups balance is made?

I can sometimes face a higher leveled team of 3/4 level above mine and manage to win but since yesterday my team is clearly non-competitive in the arena.

I was also calculating % of stuns received and given and since yesterday 75% was nearly 25%.

In my opinion, winner and loser is prefixed before battling and RNG will work accordingly.

Apart from bugs… our lovely bugs… is it coincidence or when playing competitive it stars bugging and not working buttons… Dino stuck in same attack? Because when I go to lower arenas to farm incubators… there are no problems.

I’m really annoyed… already spent real money on the game because I think Ludia deserved it for a great game that gave me so many ours of fun but my support is not only for a “great” incubator or coins… this money spent should be used to fix and make bugs dissappear.

Several mails sent to support, once I was greatly rewarded for my bugs but… being sincere… as we say in Spain is “pan para hoy, hambre para mañana”. Is it worth receiving a price when the base problem is still not fixed?

There is no evidence game functioning is improving. With this things Ludia makes us players stop spending some money on the game. So… I still think it’s a great game but we need something better… we deserve something better

Watching team strength and trophy count progress in the game has been interesting. I believe we discussed it in another thread.

I chose to remain at a constant trophy count, 4100. Rather than level Stegodius from 23 to 28+, I chose to have it remain at 23 and add other Dino at the same ‘strength’ to my lineup. So my lineup has been getting ‘stronger’ as I add better Legendary and Unique to my stable. My battle skills also should get better as time goes on because I have more experience.

What has occurred is months ago my original team could get me to 4500. I accomplished it a few times and purposely dropped back to 4100 to be battling more variety. Now, even with a much stronger lineup, I struggle to stay at 4100 and my original lineup would put me well under 3500. Basically, team strength of players improves, yet trophy could decreases. I also see it in the average opponent I encounter at 4100. Average team level has increased dramatically here. I am now battling opponents who would have been close to 5000 Trophies months ago. Of course better players would require lower levels to be higher.

I believe this is due to decrease in the amount of trophies in the pool. As Tournaments get reset, those trophies are taken out of the pool, leaving fewer for players to pull from. The only way trophies are introduced back into the pool is through battling AI and winning. Only the players at the top battle AI so those trophies stay at the top. As lower level players accumulate trophies and move up, they take those trophies out of the pool, so there are even fewer for lower players to pull from. They lose trophies to the players that advance.

In order to remain at a constant trophy count, the player’s team must improve constantly. As a player levels up and adds stronger Dino they are not going to increase in Trophies, but remain at the same trophy count. Only players who level up faster than the majority are going to advance. A player who is slow to level up their team will slowly decrease in trophy count. Of course players who are more skilled will advance faster also.

The only way to resolve this is to add more trophies to the lower end of the pool. Lower level players need to battle AI to introduce fresh trophies into the pool so they can advance. Ludia partially solved the problem with their recent change in resetting trophies, but they are still taking them out of the pool, just fewer of them.

And there are those players who will purposely drop in trophies and battle lower level players. They do add trophies to the pool as they drop, but those are gobbled up by higher level players. Then, they remove them from the lower end of the pool as they decide to rise in trophies, leaving fewer for the lower level players to accumulate, making them drop even further.

Don’t get how Draco gets a buff and Mono gets a Nerf. That one new Epic Mono lookalike has better stats.

You lack tanks. Also Trex just isn’t that useful anymore.
Would take Monomimus out, it’s just to much RNG dependant and can get oneshoted. Would use Pyrri instead or Tryo, but Tryo still lacks on survivability at that lvl.

Leveling dinos past level 20 just requires alot of grinding. Spining as much Supply Drops to max or get close to maxing daily coins, doing and succeeding all Strike events, collecting treasures.

For cash you have Tapjoy offers.

I’m F2P (only bought smallest OTO with real money) and currently have this team. Bouncing from 4300 - 4600 trophies.

You don’t win or lose trophies by battling AI any more… All you can get are incubators… Your trophy count remains unchanged, regardless of result…

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Thank you.

So the pool will get shallower with the next reset and users will be battling for fewer available trophies. This should lead to larger bottle necks at higher levels and lower users falling further down. Or staying at the same level if they increase their team strength/battle skills.

We should be seeing more high-level opponents at the mid to lower levels. As the less skilled/lucky players lose trophies they will fall and get them from the lower end of the pool. Last Tournament I was battling level 26+ teams at 4100. I would expect this to go up next round.

And, with many like myself who stop battling for the tournament out of frustration, those trophies are no longer in the pool so not available for higher level users to take. This is why we were hearing from users in the 3000’s that were battling such huge teams. We also saw the top 500 players being only a few trophies apart and losing one battle could send them down many places. It was rough competition for those few available trophies.

The solution is to introduce trophies to the lower end of the pool. We saw what happened when they were introduced at the top, they just stayed there and those players skyrocketed up. If they come in at the low end, those players can accumulate some and get satisfaction from advancing. As they advance they transfer them to higher level players that defeat them. Then they work their way slowly to the higher trophies. There are also more users at the lower end of the pool so the trophies will be spread out more. One or two players will not hoard 30,000 trophies, 1,000 players will each gain a few and make a more gradual filtering up.

So perhaps the first few Arenas should be battling mostly AI? Ludia would have to look at how many trophies they have taken out of the pool, overall for all the tournaments so far, and at least re-introduce that many.