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Why is it that we can no longer earn Kaprosuchus DNA?

Otherwise, how do we obtain the new superhybrid? I haven’t seen anything but the velociraptor and sarcosuchus dna available in the battle events. Anyone know what gives?

The Velociraptor s-DNA is a permanent feature. The other rotates through. Kaprosuchus S-DNA will return

You can of course get it as well by playing modded PvPs. I’m having the same issue getting the last few points I need for the monostego


Even on the modded battles, it’s the other 3 kinds of SDNA most often. Not that I play all the time, but I think I only won the kaprosuchus SDNA once, a 50.

Oh you’re right, I thought it was one of the 50 point ones that came up on the prize wheel but actually doesn’t seem to be there right now. Oh well, they definitely will rotate them eventually. I’ve sure enjoyed the sarco s-DNA being so readily available, just got my 4th one! Much harder for me has been th mono s-DNA, but just landed on TWO of them today, so just need a single more modded win to get the amount I’m looking for to create the monostegatops (want to be able to make two of them before I lose my two lvl 30 stegos). Definitely super excited to add that lovely to my arsenal… and have some nice herbivore meat shields without super long CD times!

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I noticed that right away when the Kaprosuchus s-DNA went out of the rotation.

The only surprising thing to me at this point is that it’s not available in the Modded PVP Events (though some people think it is for some reason).

I’ve been checking routinely and it has not ever been available in either one or the Modded PVP Events (The other 3 s-DNA creatures are available as rewards in both events).


That was my mistake, been so focused on getting the last amount of mono sDNA I needed I wasn’t paying that close attention to the others, and just assumed the Kapro was included too. Frankly I wish they would swap the others around instead of the Velociraptor being so easy to get, since that’s the one I am not in any rush to be making use of.

And really, really wish I didn’t have to do modded PvPs to earn these. Just did an aquatic one, and this is what I am stuck facing. My sad little commons and one rare mod, against the ridiculously over-powered Inspire, plus the NOW over-powered Killer Instinct that works even after death. Is it any wonder I hate doing these, compared to the easy-to-win and far more predictable regular PvPs?

Even with such a massive disadvantage, I played my heart out and here’s how it ended…

And even better, my effort was rewarded with the last 50 mono s-DNA I was trying to get! Now I can take a break from these for awhile if I want.

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I’m quite close myself to getting another monostegotops. Essentially saved the herbivore side of my Jurassic game, which would be rather pathetic if monostegotops were never introduced. Great balance of health and attack. Segnosuchus’ health is too vulnerable, while the apatosaurus has health but weak attack. Already useful at 10, but I prefer 20. Maybe it’s my battle style, so I don’t like the spinotasuchus all that much. Seems to me like a carnivore version of the segnosuchus. But I won’t reject the kaprosuchus SDNA when they show up, of course. :sunglasses:

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Yes, that’s what I am finding with the herbivores… either great meat shields or glass cannons, not many good balanced ones. Two level 10 monostegotops will be a great addition to my teams!

Nah it’s all good, I’ve seen a bunch of ppl say that… I’m always hoping it’s true, which is why I check the prizes in Modded PVP every day, but so far no such luck.

I think it’s probably just temporary, or maybe even an oversight, but either way hopefully they’ll bring Kaprosuchus s-DNA over into those rewards in the near future.

I know the feeling… I definitely pumped the breaks on Modded PVP’s once I maxed out those available s-DNA creatures and it feels like a well-deserved break.

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Finally made it to 2,000, good enough for 2x monostegotops to make another 20. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Kaprosuchus s-DNA is available in the Micro s-DNA pack, such as may be won in Fight for Fusion


Nice…I won 60 Sarco DNA in the pack, it was really important, because I’m close to my 3rd Diplosuchus!

Of course, no sooner do I get my Monostegotops made, then I realize I only need a single modded Sarco win to make another diplosuchus too. So much for taking a break from the modded PvPs!