Why is it?

So this is kind of a two part question/vent.

  1. Why is it I can be rolling through battles until I hit around the 4900 mark and then all of a sudden I get matched with nothing but players with level 30 suped up teams until I’m back around 4750 then it will allow me to start winning again. How are these super maxed players even in the Aviary and how do I ALWAYS seem to catch four or five of them in a row? I wouldn’t even bring it up, but this is like the 8th time it’s happened.

  2. Why does my Thor suck so bad? Level 26 with several upgrades and it’s virtually unplayable. Seems like it never has those devastating attacks that I always get hit with.

Sorry, just frustrated.

its matchmaking if you win a bunch get to 4900 wait for at least a few hours even a day then try again if you lose stop wait and try again the worst thign you cna do is try and play it like the slot machine…lose…i can win it back… :stuck_out_tongue: just don’t

as for thor i havent played that thing for years literally find something else …like whatever counters your thor buidl one of those up, every dino you play they have better or the counter so plan what team your going to use and and dont be afraid to swap it to a different dino now and then

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Appreciate it, yeah I just wish I hadn’t invested so much in my Thor for it to suck so bad.

same with anything i invested piles into the death deer :stuck_out_tongue: and now its a LOT less useful if you build it they will nerf it

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why is it flagged ?

No idea. There was nothing wrong with that post. People on here are sensitive. They don’t like me dragging their precious suped up Thors?