Why is it


Hi, just a few thoughts on battle annoyances :grin:

  • when my opponent starts with an I-Rex if I swap to my Monostegotops they’ve decided not to cloak for their 1st action but if I don’t swap they’ve chosen to cloak
  • quite a few opponents take the full time to choose their action, particularly when it seems very obvious what they’re going to choose!
  • if a Stegodeus has slowed my gorgosuchus and I choose adrenaline surge they will have chosen to superiority strike but if I don’t they have chosen to rampage!

  1. Mono has Nullifying Impact so cloaking is wasting 1 turn hence Indominus never cloaks when fighting Mono.
  2. You might be playing against AI
  3. Superiority Strike slows your opponent down. That means 2 strikes after slowing it down…time enough to finish you off before your adrenalin surge works


1 - the point is, my opponent doesn’t know if I’ll be switching before they’ve picked their action.

3 - see Cleasing impact on gorgosuchus is bad, please consider reverting it


That’s not what he asking. He stating that whenever he swaps to Mono the opponent decides not to cloak for the 1st action but if he doesn’t swap the opponent does cloak. But the opponent won’t know whether he’s going to swap or not so therefore would have to decide on cloaking based on his first dino.

Same goes for point number 3.


Lol cheers it did the same to my responses to those 2 points


It depends on the opponent. Sometimes I don’t pick the same lines for the gorgo example : superiority strike is a guaranteed kill in next turn but a guaranteed hit if they attack. Rampage is also a guaranteed kill in the next turn but can kill before any hit. There are two paths where stegodeus don’t take any hit.
Either choice can be picked and it’s unpredictable.
À match-up where you see it even more is against an ankyntrosaurus : between its invincibility and its instant cripple it can be a though or an easy match-up :sweat_smile:

  1. There are sometimes where you need the full time to think about next turns or simply because you want your attack to be the slowest

  1. Why swap it out in the first place? Becos it is either slower or weaker, right? Your opponent knows that too. Most player with I-Rex will not cloak if they get to hit first and you lose a turn if you swap it.
  2. Superiority Strike is great against dinos that doesn’t have a move to slow the other down cos it almost guarantees that you have the next move. That means 2 strikes against 1. Gorgon hasn’t such a move. S/Strike is 1X & Rampage is 2X. That’ll usually kill the opponent’s dino unless they are well stacked defensively. That is the reason why ppl keep using S/Strike regardless of the other’s moves.


I posted the response to your response and it is hidden as well


It has never been about wanting to go 2nd. Yeah, I get that sometimes people do need the full time to think, I was just having a laugh about the times they take the full time yet pick what you expected them to do within seconds.

For example opponent is 2-1 or 2-0 up, you know ypu have no chance, they have a 2 move dino in and one of those moves is in cool down :sweat_smile:


For anyone who missed the point these post is meant to be a bit of banter, not serious gripes.

For a start, 2 of the items are just 50/50 choices where what would have been best to do depends on correctly guessing what your opponent is going to do, which in turn comes down to them second guessing what you are going to do or blindly thinking there is only 1 obvious course of action when actually that could be worse for them depending on what you decide to do!