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Why is mentioning Facebook against community guidelines in game messenger?

We use Facebook messenger for our alliance communications. Why is mentioning this on our chat against community standards?

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Mentioning any third party site or app… ie facebook or discord are against this games Tos. They want you to use broken alliance chat to communicate with your alliance members.

Who knows why they have that policy according to google Ludia has self flagged this game as not designed for children so its not to protect them.


That’s why it’s DI5CORD to our alliance :grin: it’s super anoying though, the communication is nearly impossible without a 3rd party app.

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Yeah and they made a featured likr sanctuaries that requires communication and cordination but dont give us a working in game way to do this.

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Yeah, though I haven’t experienced this yet. Im slowly starting to get us all on discord, we haven’t tried communicating for shared Sanctuaries yet. A big chunk of them don’t care for communicating, chat or discord :unamused:

Right now I am just trying to lead an alliance. Now I am afraid to say anything in in game chat, because they suspend people for this stuff. My fellow alliance leaders are afraid to chat ingame now as welll.

You know, if everyone affected by this and other problems that Ludia refuses to fix would just quit playing and leave a detailed review on Google Play or the App Store explaining the reason for dissatisfaction, maybe things will get fixed. Games are supposed to be FUN, not a chore where you’re walking on eggshells because of the developer’s ridiculous, unreasonable rules.

Well your not the only alliance that uses facebook/discord for communication… if they went
After every alliance that uses them they wouldnt have a playerbase.

Yeah the game chat is HORRIBLE. They really need to fix that. You can get around the chat restrictions by changing a couple letters in the word you are trying to post.

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Bypassing the chat filters… No soup for you!!!


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