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Why is Monolorhino good?

Hi all

Many ppl consider Monolorhino as very good and in the field guide it’s even rated as Tyrant.

But I don’t get why. Mine is 21 unboosted and I’m in aviary. Almost every creature is immune to the stun and his dmg… well it’s not zero

I can’t see what I should use him for in my strategy and why he should become significantly better when leveled and boosted.

That was my dream team so far, but I’m considering to kick him out because he is underperforming so much.

Or do I use him wrong and not seeing what he is really good at?

I have seen it used for its swap in stun.

Yes but, how often dose that happen? I mean my team atm has 2 Dino’s without any stun resistance and I bet It’s the same for most people

A Dino that is only good in very few situations is not good right? :woman_shrugging:

The short answer is boosts.

The long answer is this: Get it’s attack high enough and it can do quite a lot of damage on the swap in, and it’s shields can make it difficult for pure Resilients and Cunnings to deal with on top of its decent armor rating. Coupled with a powerful move like Definite Impact, high hp, and a decent speed stat, the only thing it can’t do just as well as the likes of Dracoceratops is that it’s Swap In does only 1x damage against the Towers, rather than Rending damage.

In all other aspects, it’s a well rounded creature

Usually the best thing to do with it is keep on the sidelines, waiting for an opportunity when the opponent’s HP is low enough that swap-in stunning strike will take them out. Of course, if your dino that’s already on the field can do that anyway, it might be better to save Monolorhino for later. It’s usually best at sniping faster opponents. Then after swapping in, it can do a significant amount of damage to the next creature, and if they’re at the same level it is almost guaranteed to be able to wait out the swap-prevention and swap back out, and then swap back in again later, although it depends on the situation. Even the priority shield is useful to keep Monolorhino alive so it can be swapped out and saved for later.

If the opponent isn’t low enough to be taken out with swap-in stunning strike, but they can be stunned, then you can swap in, hope to stun them, and then finish them off or even stall and then swap back out. This is useful for dealing with creatures like Suchotator and Thylacotator, which can severely damage one of your more powerful creatures, but can do very little to Monolorhino.

And finally, Monolorhino is decent 1v1 against the right opponents too, so you can bring it out, deal some damage, and then swap out to save the swap-in damage for later, if you don’t take the opponent out then and there.


So basically his use when he is unboosted is very situational and depends on the weaknesses of the rest of the team in there are a lot of situations where he can be useful

And he only really starts to shine when he is boosted quite decently, if I understand that right :thinking:

That would at least explain why he isn’t working that well in my team at the moment

So i assume, the more my Team develops, the more I can use him effectively

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I don’t use monolorhino, but I think that’s what they are saying.

I’m not going to pretend I can relate as I fight in a different arena/meta/power comp; but I use it for the swap in finish.
Swap into Spyx, Thor, and Magna for the kill.
Swap into Tryko, Tenrex, Dio for the stun/damage tradeoff.

Yea I just changed the way I’m using it and now I can see benefit

It seems like he is really a late game creature and not something you would build as your first unique (wich I did 🤦)
I’m still not sure if he is the best choice right now, as I also have Draco and Wolly Rhino in my team but I will surely use him later in my progress

Well as a user of the rhino i can name a reasons why.

1… it really goo both for swap play and 1v1s; and boosts can increase it power in either category. I.e more attack, speed etc.

  1. Resistances: being part dimetrodon it has access to this blood lines famous immunities and resistances. This can help in a lot of situations and changes the outcomes of many others. For example i start out with say Trykosaurus or Ardentismaxima and the opponent draws say thyla or suchotator or maybe even Spinoconstrictor. This is a really bad match up but I have rhino on my teams all i do is swap into rhino it gets a strike in add even if it doesn’t matter cause I’ve immune or resistant to anything they can throw at me. And if not i got high hp and 30% armor and now i can make sure my important dinosaur survive
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I had the same thought, monolorhino looks underwhelming. Having something you can swap to with those resistances are pretty nice though, and it does damage coming in as a bonus. Probably pretty effective dinosaur

Everything has been said, you use it to finish off a low hp dino/cunning or you can just swap him into favorable matchups like grypo, lania, dio (anything with armor/shields really). What makes him really good is not upfront dmg, it’s the fact that he has “no weakness” and will chip/grind basically any dino down for 2 turns before escaping again.

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In the end game Mrhino definitely is one of the best creatures.

Looking at your dream team I‘d rather remove Metrodon. It is OKish in the mid game (Aviary, Library) but is underperforming in Gyro and Shores.

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I got one now lvl 28. 1550 dmg so not really boosted. It’s good for swap in. He got 5457 health so he can stay a bit in battle, he got a nice atk after one round that can make some dmg.