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Why is Monolorhino immune to Damage over time?

This thing has too many immunities to everything. Rending, bleeding, 75% resistant to slow, distraction resistance, swap prevention. It even has armor. Why is no one talking about this thing having all of this and a swap in stunning strike that can hit for 2k damage?




It’s attack stats are seriously rubbish, they were nerfed not so long ago.

For a unique it’s one of the few that have no rampage and I see no reason why it is considered op.

If it was vulnerable to DOT a swap in from SR3 would cripple it along with pretty much everything else wouldn’t it?


How? How does it hit for rubbish? It can hit for 2k swap in damage and it has a definite impact which breaks through shields, and its distraction resistance + armor makes it so that cunnings doesn’t really counter it. It can swap out because its immune to anything that has swap prevention.

Additionally, it has rend resistance for some reason. The damn thing has more resistances than erlidom, which was originally immune.

If it wasn’t op this wouldn’t be run in every single top players team.

You seem to be confused with OP and meta relevent. Rhinos arent all that hard to deal with. Once swapped in, they ahve to stall to even get their impact off.


Unless it’s really fast, Mortem loves to take it out in one hit if it’s just taken out my Dino.

It’s DSI is on a delay, and remember monolometrodon is one of its components hence the rend resistance.

So look at dinos that counter it and it’s not so op after all.

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Really? You’re saying mortem is one of its only counters? You realize that monolorhino is naturally faster than mortem right?

Monolorhino comes in and takes out anything on its swap in that has 2k or less HP.

Mortem comes in, and mind you, most monolorhinos are faster than Mortems, because most Monolorhinos I’ve seen are faster than 130 speed. I’ve seen them hit as high as 140 speed to take advantage of its 75% speed resistance. Common builds ive seen are 6k HP/2k attack/140 speed. The monolorhino uses cunning strike, or uses group shields as the mortem has to use cleansing impact. No matter what the mortem does not one shot the monolorhino. And the monolorhino not only takes out the dino with 2k or less hp, but also severely wounds the mortem and leaves it susceptible to anything else.

Doesn’t Wooly Rhino have 50% bleed resistance, plus monolomet has 100%. It makes sense it’s completely immune, a better question is; why does it have 30% armor???


Monolorhino is fine as it is. There’s plenty of counters to it and not just Mortem. Tenontorex can easily deal with it too.

Let’s stop trying to nerf everything into the ground just because people lose a few battles to a creature.


Monolemetroodon. That’s why.

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Preach preach preach! Omg yes!! This need to be pinned like Fr!! Too many topics like this!!

Spyx counters it well! What are you talking about!!
Monolorhino was immune to start!

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im fine if this rainbow Rhino immune to bleed but just please remove the rend resistant, its a tank that have cunning strike, and that cunning strike should be enough to defend himself from render


The thing just has too many resistances, high armor, shielding and just way too much bulk in general. That’s it’s main issue. It’s extremely obnoxious from everything I’ve experienced.

(And ceramagnus ISNT more of any issue!!?!?!?)

Ceramagnus can’t distract, isn’t immune to DoT, has no Rending resistance, can’t destroy shields, can’t shield itself, and has no resistance to swap Prevention.

Ceramagnus is an entirely different problem.


Unicorn is fine. It’s wild card so it’s okay to have all these resistances and so it can handle all classes.


And yet it’s weird that Tenontorex, who can handle all classes just as easily as a wildcard, is no where near as problematic.

Wonder why that might be :face_with_monocle:


I consider Monolorhino underpowered although I use it for swapping in. The armor has helped on occasion but it is underpowered in damage and slow. All the immunities makes up for its lack of power. For the most part, when I swap it in, it always ends up dead before I can swap in another creature in order to reuse it later for a possible kill.

To be real…

It shouldn’t have rend or dot (another resistance woolly rhino shouldn’t have) resistance, no “tank” type creature should, why do you think ardent and ardonto don’t?

It also shouldn’t be swap prevent immune, no swap in damage creature should, they should only have 50% resistance at minimum.