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Why is Mortem Rex so bad?

It seems crazy that a new apex level of Dino is created and it’s basically, well, crap.

I was pretty excited to add it to my roster thinking it has to be good as it’s at a new level, and I put the maximum boosts on it too after consulting others who created it.

Well I have to say that may well have been a big mistake because it loses too pretty much everything except Gemini, Maxi, Dioraja and Tryko. And even then it’s not a given.

I know we have this new rock, paper, scissor thing going on, and this creature beats this one etc… but why would Allo and Thor both have the potential to beat Mortem? With IC, a much superior move to CI, Mortem is bound to lose that match up. Anything with dodge, evasive, cloak or distracting moves will easily beat it. And that’s 75% of the dinos in the game!

So all those out there who are eagerly awaiting unlocking the first Apex Dino, don’t make the same mistake as me. It’s just a slightly better T.Rex and nothing to get excited about. I really do think it needs something to put it at an Apex level, perhaps a counter strike or something decent to negate evasive moves at the very least.


So your Mortem Rex only beats the meta dinos?
Man that’s harsh.


I just want it cause it looks cool.


I can’t/won’t be bothered with these Apex creatures lol.


You wouldn’t be saying that when Thyla swaps in on a rampage which does no damage at all, then it prowls and pretty much takes it out with a rend after avoiding two thirds of the next attack.
Similarly when Quetz avoids two thirds damage on two hits, or Erlidom that cloaks and takes it out in one shot. And don’t even get me started on dinos like Monomimus that can’t lose to Mortem!
The point I’m making is that overall, and bear in mind I’m in low library, it loses to way more than it beats. An apex Dino should be better than this surely?


It would do 0 damage, but what if you went for cleansing impact? :thinking:


And why would you stay in after thyla swaps, if it’s so obviously a counter?
It’s almost as if you need to strategize and swap out dinos yourself too in order to win.
No dino should be an instant win button, no matter the rarity, man.


Plus Cunning creatures should be counters for this, same way as Mortem is a counter to the resilient meta creatures, eventually people will have Hadros Lux and it will beat these Cunning Creatures.


I mean @Schtemty said even against those it’s not a guaranteed win

Although I mean it’s a just a better rex kinda; that kinda the problem with apex it’s supposedly the best rarity…but then ludia probably realized that oh crap that would mean every unique will basically useless causing back lash so we can’t have that. so think of apex more like this.

Common —> Rare —> Epic —> legendary—> Apex≈ Uniques

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The point you’re missing is this.
I’m all for strategy, but my original post was saying that those who are looking forward to creating and using it may be in for a disappointing experience, just as I have. I don’t want a guaranteed win against every Dino, but a chance would be nice. It has literally no chance at all against any distracting/cunning or fast Dino. And the two chompers with IC are more likely to get a win than Mortem. For me, thats disappointing.

What kinds of boosts did you put on it?

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I’m just thinking, maybe if your Mortem Rex was faster, it would have a better chance at dealing with the cunning creatures, I saved up a bunch of speed boosts for when I get mine to have around 140 speed.

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The problem is that would use 16 of the 26 boosts… leaving only 10 to spread across its attack and health.
And the cunning and fast creature will still be quicker 9/10 times

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For mortem, you’ll want to go beefy hp and attack. Add speed as nessecary to stay faster than average trykos ( I wouldve said maxima but its speed got bumped)


That’s exactly what I’ve done @Qiew


Mortem probably should be a bit better then. Not sure how lux will turn out.

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Lol probably busted… it’s always either a disappointment or its op.

So logic dictates since mortem is mostly meh…hadros will probably they exact opposite

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