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Why is Mortem Rex so bad?

Cunning creatures still need to be able to beat it lol. I think it should be the ultimate embodiment of the fierce class. Everything that isn’t cunning (or one of those anti-fierce fierce creatures) should fall to it. And that obviously includes Lux.

The bringer of Death needs to beat the bringer of Light.


Ya i think just health would be good it already has cleansing let not make it broken shall we


maybe not resistance to distraction, but resistance to critical reduction 100% and make resistance to bleed/stun 100%?

I think Stun resistance is fair. Not sure about crit reduction.

I just personally love the over the top exaggeration of “loses to everything” as if nothing else matters but the very top “elite” dinosaurs. “Loses to everything” is funny. It’s fine as is.

How about this?

Mortem Rex
Critical chance~100%

*Group Shattering Strike
*Devouring Impact
*Fierce Rampage
*Total Annihilation

100% resistance to Stun

Devouring Impact: Target lowest HP. Destroy shields. Deal 1.5x damage bypassing armour. Regenerate 1x. Delay:0, Cooldown:2. (Note the lack of Cleanse)

Total Annihilation: Target all. Destroy shields. Deal 1x target’s Max HP, bypassing armour. Delay:0, Cooldown:3 (Note that this also targets itself, and every creature on the field)

Cunning creatures will still wreck it, especially ones that have actual Cunning moves.

Total Annihilation follows the classic “too much power to be controlled” trope, and while it KO’s Mortem (unless you distract it), it would allow an unboosted Mortem Rex to OHKO any resilient creature, regardless of boosts, assuming it’s set up. That isn’t to say that it would be infallible to higher-level resilient creatures, but it would definitely be close.
It would be the JWA equivalent of a nuke, especially in raids, which I think is fit for the “Death king”.
It can be used in raids if the opponent distracts Mortem (the irony) or if the teammates are sufficiently rend-resistant.

Being the slowest creature in the game, it can be revenge-killed by anything.

mortem rex so bad?
I think i have seen everything on this forum…
Unslowable,best damage in game,resistance to bleed,to stun ,a cleanse against distraction and share the same speed as a tryko…
So,this better have to be a joke

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Thats where Ludia went wrong. Apexes as of now have nothing to call of their own. Heck even giving them five moves would differentiate them!

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Yeah, you’re right. I think Commons and Rares are more Mortem Rex’s speed. It’s not like Ludia explicitly stated that it’s meant to be more powerful than the Uniques or anything.

Oh, wait.

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You know what I mean. What good is a Mortem Rex that’s down to 250 health against a Velociraptor that literally only has 848 health left and does 1100 damage? That’s how I look at battles. Can we talk about the jokers that use low levels in high Arenas? It’s a thing. I mean Level 1. And win.

I’m assuming you are using it in the arena then @shining?

What @Schtemty means is why is Mortem so bad for how hard it is to get. While on paper it is good, many creatures can easily counter it . The cleansing move has a 2 turn cooldown so you have to guess when a distract is going to come. Most cunning creatures have more than one distracting move, so its cleanse doesn’t really mean much. It can also be dodged against and overall is a mega Rex that still has the same flaws. It should be better than what it is right now because it supposed to be “The Death King” As of now, even an allo g2 or suchotator can beat it.

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I will certainly use it when i will have him even lvl 28
That thing can 3-0 a team without any problem if boosted enough


So there are a few players who are surprised at my comments.

I don’t claim to be a great arena battler, I would even go as far as to say I’m pretty crap!

Getting Mortem early was something I thought would be a leg up for me to progress a bit, and sadly for me that wasn’t the case.
So no, this isn’t a joke post.

Being immune to slow is nothing great when you’re slow anyway.
No resistance to distraction with so many capable of using it sucks, and there is a 2 turn delay on cleanse.
Having 50% resistance to DOT is nothing special as not many creatures use it
The stun resistance of 75% is worthless as nothing much stuns anyway
Perhaps fierce creatures aren’t great in this meta?

So maybe there is a successful way to utilise Mortem effectively. I just haven’t found it yet, and left to my own devices I doubt I can.
Any constructive help would be most welcome

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look,his power is stronger than most of the uniques actually,it can counter even the cunnings creatures.
A lvl 30 max dmg mortem do more than 5400 dmg on a cleanse (without crit,which is 40% chance)…its more than most magna hp.
be serious ,that thing is worst than thor 1.7!

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A thordor can still do that if boosted enough. Anything can 3-0 if they are boosted enough and used in the right arena. But once you’re near the top, all teams you face are going to be max boosted. On even grounds Mortem falls short

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It isn’t a realistic way of balancing the game. You can think that way all you want, just know that that thinking is incompatible with realistic balancing. You’re downplaying the importance of 1v1 matchups.

By that logic, a level 1 Velociraptor can beat a Mortem Raid all on its own. It just needs to catch one when it’s at 1 HP.

I know. I’ve dabbled in that myself (level 10 though, not 1, although obviously you know there were no boosts involved). Some matches can be won with 3, even 2 creatures (again, without boosts), so the fourth really doesn’t matter. If you can pull off that win with all level 1 Commons, then that’s a different story.

suchotator can’t beat him,it have dot resistance,allog2 cant because they are slower.

we will have this discussion when everyone will unlock it…
Then,instead of saying it is bad,im sure the forum will have floods of topic call “Nerf mortem”


An ardentis if equally boosted to the Mortem, can kill it with a DR and a TSR. The Ardentis is faster so it gets to attack first both times. Also @Schtemty has used Mortem. Have You? You can’t judge how good something is without actually experiencing it.