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Why is my game banned?

I have barely played recently… I update on the train go to log on and see a ban notice?

What’s going on?

Ok so ya moved into help and support so it’s been seen … Now why was it banned?

Hey Faethor_Ferenczy, could you reach out to our support team here at

Our team would be able to take a closer look at your account to see what might have happened. If you have your support key, please make sure to include it in your email.


I sent email.

Yup still waiting for even an auto confirmation email… At this rate I will be unbanned by the time I get the usual we are looking into it email…

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When I asked this question is was clean shaven and over weight… Now I’ve lost 100 pounds (thank you subway) and shaved my beard a few times…

It’s starting to feel like the commercial break got broken right before the last question on jeopardy…

So come on Mr. Alex Trebek…

Who is the one who banned me
And why was I banned?

There has been no response to the email you told me to send in

Support got slammed yesterday, please be patient (they sort all the emails and alert the review team for bans)

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And what is thier excuse for today?

I just finished a whole floors frame insulation and dry wall…

Still not one email…

Support is slammed due to all the new bugs in this update, including the one I emailed them about which is the 250 DNA unlock cost for Indoraptor Gen 2 (was supposed to be 200). They haven’t responded to mine yet because they probably have a huge backlog of emails to wade through.

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That’s nice mean while I got banned for doing nothing I know of. …

Sure as shootin’ woulda loved ta over pay on a new hybrid…

Just saying I build at a pretty high rate of speed and still managed to get an email sent… Which isn’t even related to my job… I guess it ain’t thiers either.

And in case your wondering yup a a horse’s posterior on forums bit I’m a sweetheart in the game… Guess maybe cuz I DIDNT WANT TO GET BANNED IN SOMETHING IM INVESTED IN .

But nope got a ban… I’m going from bemused and confused with an error to down right angry an surly about this.

Especially when our stellar (space cadet) mods say to write an email to get it straightened out.

How dadgum hard is it to stand up from your cubicle … Look over top of your potted plastic plant and cat calender… And be like “hey Bob what’s the deal with this?” Hell talk to Carly use it to introduce your self. Be like

"Hey Carly got a quick question for you. If you got a minute. Yeah this guy on the forum got banned doesn’t know why, hey say it almost lunch maybe if your significant other would mind us have a little bidness lunch date and we can see my treat… Oh you don’t have a significant other neither do I , why yes your dress is flattering btw why did far get banned ok… Drinks tonight… "

It’s cool your welcome name the kid after me and stop waiting until it’s born to tell me why I’m banned. Or fix it


I even submitted it to Ludia yesterday as well as you can’t believe they haven’t fixed it … they are never late collecting the premium player fee lol

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I remember reading posts on the Facebook fan group last year from people who were falsely banned. I think they may have been traveling for work by plane or truck. PoGo may have had some false bans too, and I know Ingress (another Niantic game) had many false bans. I forgot the details, but it just goes to show that all these GPS games need to get with the times and just put a joystick in the game so that the majority of players aren’t disadvantaged by stuff like the Montreal and Universal Studios events. Those gave an unfair advantage to a small fraction of the playerbase. IMHO, EVERYONE should have access to those spawns! Not just the rich who can afford to fly around the world for pixels. Put a joystick in the game and that would probably cut down on a big reason for bans in the first place.

Hopefully your ban issue is resolved (even if you were a jerk to me in my “It’s time to say goodbye to this game” thread several months ago :wink:).

Mate, you need to chill out.

For someone who rarely plays seem real anxious. They have a lot on their plate and an email i sent to them 2 days before yours still isnt answered. Give them time. If not fixed by Friday then ask.

These arent really updates. They’re make work projects to keep everyone employed trying to fix until next make work project in 3 months. Then these problems are forgot about and the new ones get looked at. Rinse and repeat.

Of course I was… I don’t like myself in forums… Always kinda get … Bad to keep it polite.

I do apologize though

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I didn’t say I rarely play the game I said recently I haven’t been playing much.

And as far as time tables go they expect prompt payment I expect prompt service. It’s quid pro quo

And I got an answer…

It was for breaking community guidelines… Not a hint of what guide line was broken…

Given that I don’t talk alot in game and am generally well regarded in my alliance…

Also timing the ban for a patch release is low.


Apology accepted :slight_smile: I sincerely hope you’re able to appeal this ban and get it overturned. “Community guidelines” made me remember another ban post I read somewhere. That poor guy got banned for AN ENTIRE WEEK for a joke he said in alliance chat. That royally sucks! :rage:

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