Why is my Indominus pure trash?


My Indominus will ALWAYS take both hits when using the Cloak ability. That’s when I’m lucky, when I’m not, she gets insta-killed. However, an enemy Indominus will 90% of the time evade the hits when using cloak. Why???


Random chance does not play favourites, and the only consistency is inconsistency. My Indominus is all over the map with cloak, and I actually like the gamble.

It’s when you get this that it becomes really interesting:


Yeah I’m actually in agreement with this. Mine NEVER successfully evades more than once if it’s luxky, but when I’m up against someone else’s it evades everything. I started to keep a note of it and the ratio is way off.


Just use a lower indom than opponent if you put your cloak on last u win right more than 50% that way no? Eg (his rampage will have 50% odds of success while yours 100% as his cloak will not be active for yours)


I stopped using it at level 16 because it was too much of a gamble. My actual dodge percentage was about 25% or lower.


Sameee, My indominus is :poop: I’m just leveling it to get that indoraptor. Gambling is not the way i play haha


Mine feels about the same but even less as of late. In my last ten tries with it, it’s gotten killed before being able to attack 6 times; gotten hit at least once twice; and gone untouched twice. BUT I seem to always get demolished by my opponent’s. They’re untouchable. Something seems off here.


I haven’t been able to commit to getting the Indoraptor because I want to keep leveling my raptor. Seeing an Indoraptor dodge 6 times in one match the other day has me thinking about getting one now though haha


Indominus is bad in general.


Right that evasive dodge is just too good or I just have bad luck lol. The dino that i don’t have full confidence in destroying right now with my team is the indoraptor. He can wipe out two of my dinos by the time I take him out lol. Definitely need nullifying strike on a strong dino or something.

The second I hear that indoraptor sound at the beginning of the match i’m like shooooooot. I’m gonna need all the luck I can get.


Indominus is for me now better than indoraptor vs some dinosaurs(who dont have barriers), cause indorsptor got huge nerf to his dmg cause now he havent cloakx2 dmg, so before the patch my indorañtor did 5k dmg whitout crit and now like 2,8k needing more than 1 attack for kill opponents and hoping for dodge more turns and also isnt invulnerable to debuf and stuns