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Why is my t rex useless?


My t rex never gets any crits. It’s so infuriating.
Oh but whenever I go up against a t rex it blows a snot rocket at me and it’s a crit.
Great game.
No questions here or anything, just feel like complaining.


My Tryo is actually afraid to crit…absolutely hates it. I’ve adapted my game to not expect it to crit. Sort of gives me peace of mind. To top it off, he’s selected every time I battle. Taunting me. After this weekend, I’m gonna level up my Pyrritator and probably swap him out until he gets over his issues.


You used to expect it to crit? That’s what makes people lose.


I agree. Never rely on crits as part of your overall strategy.


I used to expect crits with my T-Rex because there was a period when it was happening constantly. And then it went through a dry spell and straightened me out real quick, haha. Sometimes I still bring it in when I really need a crit and just pray that it happens.

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I’m not relying on the crit, I just noticed recently that my big boi never hits em

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Throwing my Trex at a Trago is one of my most favorite things in the game.

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I’m just trying to help you find peace of mind, my friend. Once you accept the fact that your T. Rex will never crit again, you can adapt your play style without the stress of it in mind. The random once a month crit that you do get will feel all the more better. My Tryo makes me think of the Hulk in Infinity War. His hulk just refuses to come out and whatnot.

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Lol, that’s a good way to put it. Oh well, I’ll just expect nothing from my big boi :smirk:

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Just use it intelligently and it’ll be useful.


I know how to use him, he has 3 simple moves, chief.


Then why are you complaining on the forums?


Lol I saw it get insta hidden.


I didn’t even put anything terrible, oh well


I don’t even use Trex on my team anymore, seemed to always die ridiculously fast =/.
For being the king of predators it doesn’t often live up to its name…like when it lost to an Invincibility Emu (Monomimus) without getting a single hit in!

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Hey, woah, slow down there friend. You can’t criticize this game. It’s considered complaining on the forums :confused:

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Everybody hopes their T-Rex, I-Rex, I-Rap & Tryko to dish out critical hits. My lvl 24 I-Rap doesn’t even show up in a battle let alone go critical and everytime it decides to make an appearance, I am facing a very much weaker opponent so much so that I win without having to send it out. Sheesh…

You all also forgot that everytime your dino goes critical, your opponent puts out its invicibility shield or evades it…


He just making conversation dude, chill out a bit. Don’t like what people are talking then leave the topic.


The game actually picked my level 25 Tryko for battle just now and my opponent’s Monomimus dodged a few times, I got impatient so I just went Mono against them as well. Needless to say, it was a weird battle but eventually high hp won out so yay for 8 hr incubator.

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I don’t suggest you go further to fuse IRex, then you gotta get suspicious of life.

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