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Why is my town dead?


The farm lands are filled with stuff to do.
However here where i live it is empty.


I think they gather data from where your located and try to add more things around areas that people play but have nothing there, It may add some over the upcoming updates they are rolling out


This screenshot is from a road with farms, sheeps and grasslands.

However over at 700M i have 10+ supply points and dino spawns spread all around me.

I can’t get to em. As they are behind a fence


Btw this point. The green one.
Is out on a field. Between me and it there is a wire with electricity and a field filled with horses.


Man, that sucks… you should request one or two in your yard that you can reach from your living room!! There is one on my street that is literally right on somebody’s house…lol lucky… I don’t know if requesting one will do anything but you never know…you have a unique situation living on farmlands