Why is my tusk upside down (Creature file #5)

New creature mean new files. Today, I’m gonna be doing a creature that has an upside down tusk, and appears in Walking With Beast. Let’s welcome the Deinotherium, an elephant that looks different from its relatives.


Rarity: Common

Health: 4990

Attack: 1390

Speed: 114

Armor: 10%

Critical: 5%


Persistent ferocious strike


Passive: Immune to lockdown

Hybrid: Allotherium, Fuse with Alloraptor and Deinotherium

Rarity: Unique

Health: 4300

Attack: 1400

Speed: 114

Armor: 10%

Critical: 5%


Persistent Ferocious Strike


Cleansing Impact

Rending Takedown

Passive: Immune to Lockdown and Decelerating

  • The name, Deinotherium, means “Terrible Beast”.

  • Deinotherium upside down tusks were used for digging up roots and stems.

  • Deinotherium fossils has been found with early hominids, such as the Australopithecus.

  • Like modern adult elephants, Deinotherium was so big that no predators can’t attack it.

Can you guess the next creatures?

Insert a dinosaur sing meme


Now that is a unique I’d boost to the max…

Really? How?

Replace the cleansing strike to distracting strike/impact on Allotherium.

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You got me there… decent HP, good damage and the ability to spam persistent ferocious strike…

It’s not gonna last for ever

Can anyone guess the next creature?

I’m not sure about the next one. When I think dinosaur songs, I think of We’re Back: A Dinosaur Tale. lol

Nah, man. Here’s a hint: it’s starts with the Y

This one’s in JWTG, so it could very well be added soon, even next update soon. Same story with Indricotherium, Andrewsarchus, Sarkastodon, Gastornis, Amphicyon, etc.

Yi? lol character limit.

Ding ding! That’s correct

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I might do them after I’m finished with everyone

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Doing the other creatures from JWTG would be cool. The hybrids too.

I’ll see what I can do

I mostly do non hybrid creatures

I have an idea for the yi qi title.

“Am I a bat, or a bird?”

I’ll add it tomorrow, though I was thinking to myself of adding like a meme like addition

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Denver, the last dinosaur?

Denver? I don’t get it