Why is Nayeli such a waste of a tank

As the title suggests, Nayeli is the worst tank in the game for doing pretty much any content. Can she be upgraded to at least be able to successfully tank in Lightfinger instead of being a red spot on the floor by the 2-3rd boss. If she’s modelled after a DND Paladin, she should be the strongest defensive tank in the game that does average damage. But she gets one shotted by the 3rd boss even with Taunt / Block up and level 16-17 gear.

Nayelli with owl is my only tank. She rocks with her block.

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Except if she dies with the first hit, then she’s a useless dead tank

If there is a healer in the party then I use her Paladin boots and the owl. If there is no healer then instead of the epic boots, I use the rare for healing. In PvP, she may be gone early but the owl effects can last the duration of the battle.

Pvp only … owl , heal on move, block plus her common halberd. It’s lights out if hits 3 times or you are buffed by corri or vajra. She does have worst stats for sure.

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i believe the rare item that gives her more pv points its wrong, i calculated the % and my final points were fewer than my calculations, maybe is a mistake in desing,