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Why is Nodapatotitan worse than Stegodeus?


I don’t understand this. I excitedly fused my nodapatotitan just to see its garbage.

Nodapatosaurus + the most common dinosaur makes one of the best legendaries

Nodapatosaurus + one of the rarest rares makes this subpar version of it.

Nodapatosaurus has armor piercing impact, giraffititan has rampage, but nodapatotitan loses armor piercing attack, AND rampage, And Gets a weaker counterattack, while Stegodeus gets armor piercing rampage for some reason.

Where is the logic here? What were they thinking? I’ll keep hoarding giraffititan because this this is not worth my Nodapatosaurus DNA.

I had to get this off my chest.


i have so many issues with some of the legendaries. like, megalosuchus is a fusion of a rare and an epic, but other than throwing in to inflict some counter attack damage, it isnt super great. most legendaries that only use common and epic make better fusions. its disappointing.


That’s another great example. I’ve opted to bring my gorgosuchus up to 22 rather than making negalosuchus because it’s just so underwhelming.


im very salty about megalosuchus cause its one of my favorites and its not useful after Sorna Marshes. I just cant bring myself to take it off my team.


I feel very similarly about nodapatotitan. I used giraffititan for a long time (mine is level 22) so I was very excited when I saw the fusion. But it’s trash.


I’m sticking with nodopatotitan, and have mine to almost level 21 (partially because it throws off a lot of people to see one, and with the hopes it gets a reasonable buff). I also made megalosuchus just to make it with the recent megalosaurus event, but that’s as far as it’s going to go. My gorgosuchus? - level 26 and recently took out a fresh level 28 stegod with one critical hit. :smiley:

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Gorgosuchus is wonderful. If you get it properly setup with ferocious strike and full health it will almost always kill AT LEAST one Dino. Many times more.

You must agree titan is just a worse stegodeus though, right?


Oh for sure. Both the new legendaries were pretty junky, but it’s understandable that the monolometrodon is underwhelming, since it’s two commons. But nodopato should be much better than it is.


I disagree that it’s undestandable that the two common legendary is underwhelming. They shouldn’t classify it as legendary if it’s going to be stat wise weaker than Postimetrodon, they should have just made it epic so everyone would know it’s stats would make it on par with an epic.


Nice to hear! I was debating on whether I should put my favorite, level 20 Gorgo aside for Megalosuchus, but you have convinced me not to… Will be taking him to level 21 in a few days!


gorgo kills megalo every time they fight each other.

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Okay, I fought a Nodopodotitan for the first time several hours ago, and I’m sold: I got to get me one. I don’t care what y’all say, that thing just butters my biscuit. It constantly slows you down, rampages all over your face, and puts up shields. Hands down gonna try and dart Giraffatitan in any opportunity.


Try using a slightly over-leveled Allosaurus against it… Gone in 2 chomps!


I think differently. She is still great in Jurassic ruins. Mine is almost 24lvl and she is amazing.


I’m pretty sure that was my stegodeus and I just about threw my phone across the room when this happened… HA!

That’s too funny. That single experience made me realize I need to start leveling my own gorgo. lol. Well done, friend. Well done.


Pretty sure I got your level 22 Nodopato in one shot with my gorgo, too, just yesterday if I recall. It doesn’t always happen, but when it does…

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Soo to get back on track… is it really worth it? I work in a Girraf zone and see them all the time… but wasn’t sure if it is really worth it. In what cases has it been really worth it?


Yep. You sure did. :slight_smile: Ya bum! I’ll get you next time. :slight_smile:

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