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Why is Ourano not in this weeks themed creatures: High hp and stun?

Ourano is a stunning creature and has 4830 HP!

Stygi has 3k hp and only has instant charge, stegaceratops has 4650 hp and stuns twice and sino has 4050 hp and stuns twice.

So ourano has the most HP and stuns and isnt in this weeks themed event? Why not?


Seems like high hp is the strikes and stun is the darting creatures.

Because Ludia.



Because Im sitting on 34k dieno and 4k dilo… ourano seems to be the least feature creature in the game… but sino is ok to feature every week. Even though they buffed thor and nerfed tenoto.

Ludia be like your best bet is to level your teams uniformly to avoid unbalanced match making. Btw were gonna give you 4k sino and then feature sino 4 times this patch cycle so good luck with that.


Hmmmm… Neverthoughtofit!

Ourano (& Maia) also not in easter event, because its Ludia.

It’s simple. To prevent unbalancing of Battle matchmaking.

I’ve just got 90 ourano from today’s theme strike tower.

Yes, you can get ourano dna on the strike event’s this week, don’t forgot we have two epic’s strike event’s based on the weekly theme, on friday and sunday, so two chances to get ourano :slight_smile: