Why is pay to win bad?


Because it’s unfair. Not all of us can waste away 50 bucks to make an awesome team. It took me two hours, TWO HOURS to win one arena battle, why? Because I was being matched against people who, supposedly were on the same skill as me but had a WAY stronger team cause they obviously buy DNA. Either make getting dna and lvling Dinos easier, or balance out the arenas so the “cheaters” have their own arena.

This game is more fusterating then fun, especially the arena battles. Stick to just PGO. At least in a gym battle you know what you are getting into and going up against.


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Nothing wrong with people spending some money to advance, although I find spending thousands of dollars on a mobile game to be silly.


But to those that can not spend money it is highly unfair.


It’s a disadvantage and you’ll probably never compete with the top guys. You’ll reach a certain point, and be stuck there. I’m f2p and have had around 3000 trophies for more than a month. Can’t get farther. I’m just enjoying collecting. I figure in another month, I’ll probably get bored and quit, then find a new game.


Im amazed that people truly pay thousands of dollars just to succeed in a mobile game. But if that’s what keeps them happy… lets face it: Ludia will only keep the game alive and develop it further, if it pays off. Thats what the commercials are for. But of course they also need us players to pay and esp. those high-payers. I myself spent enough on PoGo the last years and dont really feel like spending big money. Consequently i have to accept that im still waiting for my Stegodeus and Tragoditis while others have pushed them to higher levels already. I still made it back to 3620 trophies and keep fighting. I will never have a chance to reach the leaderboard, but that’s fine with me. My main goal in this game actually is to learn accepting (unfortunate) losses in a much more relaxed way than i do so far. :slight_smile:


Lets all be clear here, this game and every other game NEEDS people who pay AND free 2 play players. No, I’m sorry but its just silly to ask for people who cant or wont spend money to have an equal playing field with those that do because nobody would pay anything and the dev would have no profits to pay its people or make new games so why make the game in the 1st place? P2P people keep the lights on, having F2P people keeps the game active. If you dont want to pay you have to come into it understanding youll have to work harder and wait longer and maybe youll gain a sense of accomplishment, levels cap at 30 so you can be #1 playing free but it wont be handed to you. Ive paid $50 total, the rough cost of a PS4 game, and I was in arena 8 pre tournament after less than 2 months of playing the game… Know your limitations and embrace and overcome


Without those who pay we would not have a game at all. This game wasn’t made to be fair to everyone. It was made to make money. The sooner you realize this is a business the better.


You can easily get tons of in-game cash by doing free offers instead of buying it. I used to just buy coins but I started doing free offers instead lately, and just this week I did enough to get a few thousand bucks. By the end of the weekend, I’ll have leveled every dino on my team up at least once (levels range from 21-26). And that’s just from what I got this week. And yeah, what they’re saying. There’s no game without people who pay. If they weren’t making money, we would never see updates or new features.


Blue Hunter, if you lost battles for 2 hours straight, at an average of 4 minutes per battle, then you just lost 30matches in a row and about 1,200 trophies.

Since everyone wins exactly 50 percent of the time, you must have won about 30 battles you shouldn’t have. Or are about to win 30battles in a row.

I think you are a liar, I mean extremely unlucky.


Wait wait. 50 bucks gets me a top tier team??
I must have missed that offer.


Everything in life is monopolised by people who have lots of money.


P2W is not at all unfair, and this is coming from a F2P player.

The only unfair aspect is that the game will match P2W vs F2P in battles. That’s where the unfair advantage is, but that’s all, so really it’s only an issue that comes when you battle. The less you battle, the less the issue, lol.


Pay to win is not bad, why should it be? Some people pay, others don ‘t. As everything, some people have their own plane, others own a old car. I’ m free to play, does’nt bother me. And if other people want to spend money, then that’s fine.


I’ve paid 115 gbp. That seems way too much to my steam sale pc gamer pricing brain. But it was my choice. If you paid nothing gratz you didn’t lose that cash.

Thats how choices work. I don’t want to be the person who spent much more or much less than me. I spent what I choose of my own money. Actually spent more on clothes, shoes and mobile data than the game while playing it. All cheaper than the phone.

Things cost money get a job.


Things cost money get a job? :joy::joy:

How about you get yourself a new attitude don’t recall anyone saying they don’t have a job.


If people can afford it fine - though you would have to spend a lot to make a major difference. I did a single month VIP and purchased a couple of low level level up incubators, to give game makers some cash as a thank you for a game I enjoy playing (seems fair for hours of fun). Not in a financial position to be pay to play, but from the amount I spent, to be pay to play and it make a major effect on team you would need to spend a LOT of money (we all know from battle wins that incubators can be a lottery & even epic DNA , although good is often not the species DNA you wanted for level up / hybrids, so p2p on incubators would be a lot of cash to get desired DNA)
All free games I really enjoyed I have purchased something as a thank you - none have I been p2p


Nothing wrong with paying to play if you enjoy it. We’re all different people with different circumstances. I personally couldn’t warrant spending big money on the game but can understand why some do.



many aspects of life are pay to win. for example doctors that go to school for 8+ years and take on massive student loans (but leave with life saving skills) are paid more than someone who works at taco bell. of course, at least in the USA, those taco bell workers will still inexplicably feel entitled to much of that doctors salary, so this trophy is for them too.


You’re flagrantly missing the point with your eltist “Boomer-speak criticisms” coming up every time someone calls out the P2W model. There are plenty of other ways to incorporate real world cash options in games that generate sufficient revenue to justify continuing with a games development, without also shafting players of lesser means in competitive settings.

An example of this would be Evolve’s original (and to a lesser degree Stage 2’s) microtransaction model, where real world money got you…skins. Or new characters that were relatively balanced in the overall scheme of things.

If people enjoy a game enough to spend money on it, they will. If a game company decides to make those options an easy means to succeed over players who can’t afford to do likewise, or people who just prefer to grind, then that’s something they are obligated to address, or they risk alienating their fanbase, and tainting their perceptions of any possible sequels they have.

The “If you’re wealthy than the rules don’t apply to you” attitude is what’s wrong with the P2W model in general, and it goes a lot farther than just mobile games.